News: Nitto Tire Mustang Birthday Site

Nitto Tire celebrates the Mustang’s big five oh with your stories

By Steve Turner

We all have Mustang stories. There is the moment we first fell in love with America’s pony car, the moment we first drove a Mustang, and the moment we took that special someone out on a date in a Mustang. Now you can share your Mustang stories with the world at thanks to Nitto Tire.

Visit the site and you can simply wish the Mustang a happy birthday. However, if you really want to celebrate, you can directly upload your photos and Mustang stories. You can even share your Mustang YouTube videos. If short-form celebration is your thing, you can get your Twitter and Instagram wishes up on by using the hashtags #NittoTire and #Mustang50th.

However you get your Mustang messages up on the site, they will become part of an interactive collage celebrating the birthday of the historic steed. And for that, our hats are off to the fine folks at Nitto Tire.

“Nitto’s early success is closely tied to the Ford Mustang and its loyal followers,” Stephen Leu, Assistant Manager at Nitto Tire, said. “We wanted to celebrate that rich history and give Mustang fans a way to share their stories while learning how the Mustang positively influenced our company.”

Not only will Nitto let you share your stories on the site, the company will also be travelling to several events this year with a video crew that will record Mustangs stories as told by fans like you. As an example, you can check out Nitto-sponsored drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. telling his Mustang story below…

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  1. Went with the nitto nto5r 285/40/18 on my stock 2013 mustang gt and on a warm night took it to a 12.40 et at 115 mph. These tires compared to stock is night and day

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