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Taking Flight

Mustangs and airplanes land in Central Florida at the Imperial Polk County Mustang Club show

By Steve Turner

For the last 17 years, the Imperial Mustangs of Polk County has kicked off the Mustang’s birthday month with its annual show. For as long as we can remember, the show has taken place at Fantasy of Flight, a unique aircraft museum and attraction that highlights the passion and collection of airplane enthusiast Kermit Weeks. This show is one of the few opportunities for Mustang automobile enthusiasts to have photos of their cars taken with the car’s namesake airplane, which is guaranteed to register show participants.

Adding a bit of extra excitement for potential attendees this year was the earlier announcement that Fantasy of Flight would be closing to the public the day after the big Mustang show. It was a last chance for both car and plane fans to check out the facility before it switched over to only hosting private events.

The Imperial Mustangs club wisely judges Mustangs with at least a couple years under their belt. The more homogenous, just-of-the-lot models are judged via the popular-vote format. This brought out 409 registered cars, with 285 of those pre-registering before the event date. The draw extended far beyond the Central Florida area, as Mustangs from all over Florida made the trip, and some even drove down from northern states to attend.

Your editor was on hand to check out all the cars. If you were there and want to flash back or you missed it and you want to see what you missed, check out our gallery. If you’ve never been, it’s another show to put on your radar for next year.





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