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Augmented Experience

If an owner’s manual is too old school for S550 owners, Ford has an app for that

By Steve Turner

Like the instructions for the latest part you are about to install, the owner’s manual is that textbook that you don’t crack until the night before the test. Yes, you know it is full of useful information, but you don’t really want to read it until you have to. After all, it is a lot more fun to drive your new Mustang than it is to learn how the new tire-pressure monitoring system works.

Seemingly everything has an app these days, and the 2015 Mustang is no exception.
Seemingly everything has an app these days, and the 2015 Mustang is no exception.

Believe us, we know, we spent several hours poring over the manual when it hit the web looking for tidbits for our story. The process would have been a heck of a lot more fun if we got to do it by playing with an app on our phones.

“When it comes to new technology on Mustang, we focus on providing features the driver wants, and improving the driver’s experience behind the wheel,” Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer, said. “Making key pieces of owner’s guide information available through the app is just one more great feature we’ve delivered to our customers.”

In fact, that’s just what Ford has in mind with its new Mustang Owner app. Developed by the Tweddle Group for iOS and Android users, this app packs in the traditional content from the quick-reference guide and the owner’s manual, and throws in some fun features on top of that.

“With a few clicks and swipes you can access owner’s information, vehicle specifications, trivia, and even racetrack locations where you can push your pony to the limit. You can scan your dash to explore points of interest using advanced augmented reality,” says the app-store description. “You’ll also find links to Mustang Social Media sites and part catalogs. You can even personalize your experience with a library of Mustang ringtones and wallpaper.”

It’s true. We were able to play around with the app during the 2015 Mustang media drive in Los Angeles and we witnessed the augmented reality in action. It’s not really something you need, but it does make learning all the facets of your new car a lot more fun. It is also guaranteed to impress the neighbors when they come over to ask questions about your new ’Stang.

Speaking of impressing people, we’ll be impressed if you scored one of the 1,964 50 Years Limited Edition Mustangs, like the one that recently sold for $170,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction. That one was the final one—#1,964—but no matter which one you have, you will be able to unlock exclusive content in the app. According to the app store, this will net you “a garage full of special features focused on this unique icon.”

If you want to see it in action, here’s how it works:

Whether or not you own the 2015 Mustang, you can download the Mustang Owner app and check it out for yourself.

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