News: SVTOA & SVTP Partnership

Allied Forces is now the online home for the Special Vehicle Team Owner’s Association

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Are you amped about the future of Ford performance thanks to the announcement of the new Shelby GT350 Mustang? There is more reason to celebrate. Two of the premier resources for news, information and history on our beloved Blue Oval speed machines are joining forces to improve your ownership experience. That’s right, the Special Vehicle Team Owner’s Association (SVTOA) and are now officially a team.

1 SVTOA & SVTP“We’re excited to partner with SVTP in order to bring the best of modern-day performance vehicle knowledge to members of both our organizations,” Mike Rey, the newly named National Director of the SVTOA, said. Mike is well-known in the Ford enthusiast community for his world-class events conducted as president of the Mustang Owners Club of South Eastern Michigan (MOCSEM). Former director Marcie Cipriani remains on the SVTOA board to enhance SVT club merchandise through an expanded online store. The new SVTOA-SVTP partnership begins immediately online, with more co-branded activity to follow beginning in the first quarter of 2015.

What that means to you is that this site is now your online destination for all things SVTOA. Its memberships are now part of the Premium Membership, so those members will receive all of the following benefits:

• SVTOA Membership Card
• Subscription to SVT Enthusiast magazine (up to $20 value),
• SVTOA Membership Certificate (suitable for framing)
• Windshield Decal (a $5 value)
• Discounts on official SVT Certificates of Authenticity and other select merchandise from the Ford Performance Group (available via 1-800-FORD-SVT or
• Invitations to Exclusive SVTOA events where you’ll get the chance to connect with REAL SVT staffers, engineers and executives!
• Free Ford Racing Performance Parts digital CD catalog ($5 value)
• Free merchandise bonus from (worth up to $15)
• Special access to the No. 1 SVT-related online information resource in the world,
• Premium Membership recognition under your username
• The ability to post attachments
• 1,000 Private Messages
• Access to Private Forums
• Access to Exclusive Vendor Specials and Group Purchases available only to Premium Members (One good deal may pay for your membership.)
• Access to future Exclusive SVTP Merchandise
• Access to future hospitality facilities at SVTP-sponsored events
• No Google Ads

4 SVTOA & SVTPWhile being a member of SVTOA and already offers numerous benefits, perks are sure to increase as this partnership grows.

“For well over a decade SVTP has been known as the go-to digital source for late-model, high-performance Ford knowledge and discussion,” Travis Hill, CEO of, said. “Likewise, for the last 14 years, SVTOA has been enhancing the ownership experience of SVT vehicle fans with top-notch events and behind-the-scenes access to the engineers that make our vehicles a reality. This partnership will combine the strengths of these two well-established entities to provide the most comprehensive environment anywhere in the Ford performance community. I’m pleased to be a part of this initiative, and I can’t wait to see some of our plans being put into action.”

Ford Racing Enthusiast Communications Manager John Clor, who manages the Ford Performance Group enthusiast outreach program for the 30 Ford vehicle clubs now promoted on, sees the deal as a win-win:

“With the SVTOA being a charter club in our Ford Performance Group, this partnership opens the door for SVTP to become part of Ford Racing’s club program,” John said. “That will bring a new level of awareness for both groups via our weekly ‘Fast News From Ford Racing’ e-newsletter, which reaches a quarter million Ford fans each Thursday. I look forward to giving Ford promotion and support for activities that this partnership will produce.”

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