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Ford debuts the 2015 Mustang in the Middle East—atop the world’s tallest building

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Before its launch the 2015 Mustang announced its presence in the United States by appearing atop the Empire State building. As our favorite Pony Car makes its way across the globe, Ford continues to put this iconic car in the spotlight—and into some pretty exotic locations. To announce its availability in the Middle East and Africa, Ford put the Mustang on the 112th floor of the world’s tallest building in Dubai—the Burj Khalifa.

Bill Ford debuted the 2015 Mustang in Dubai on the 112th floor of the world’s tallest building.
Bill Ford debuted the 2015 Mustang in Dubai on the 112th floor of the world’s tallest building.

“Today we planted the Ford flag in the Middle East & Africa, an exciting, vibrant region that represents the final frontier for growth in the auto industry,” Bill Ford said. “We also sent a message to the world that Mustang is going global after 50 years as America’s greatest motoring icon.”

To make this happen, six of Ford’s engineers transported the Mustang from Dearborn to Dubai via Emirates Airlines. Once it was at the building site, the team of engineers separated the Mustang into six sections so that it could be moved to the 112th floor on the elevator. There, they reassembled the car, and you can watch the time-lapse of the process right here:

“Almost 50 years ago Ford captured the world’s attention by placing a 1965 Mustang Convertible atop what was then the world’s tallest building, the Empire State Building in New York City,” Bill Ford added. “Today’s event in Dubai, home to the world’s current tallest building, completes an incredible global journey for Ford and Mustang.”

Including the new Mustang, Ford plans to launch 25 new vehicles in its 67 markets across North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, and Middle East. Among the other vehicles earmarked for this region are the Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and Lincoln MKC.

“We’ve taken the new Mustang to new heights of technology and refinement, so taking it literally to new heights atop the Burj Khalifa is an amazing achievement for our team,” Jim Benintende, president, Ford Middle East and Africa, said. “There are no cranes that would reach that high, and helicopter delivery is out of the question. Making this happen is truly an example of Ford engineering expertise at work.”

To hear more from Mr. Ford, you can watch this series of interviews:



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