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Tracking down the hottest hardcore Ford performance parts at the racing industry’s annual confab

By Steve Turner

Even people outside of car enthusiast circles might be familiar with The SEMA Show, which we covered for you last month. Well, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, which puts on that show, also owns a trade show that is precisely focused on the world of racing.

PRI Show 2014 992Known as the Performance Racing Industry Show, or PRI Show for short, this annual event brings together manufacturers, media, racers, race shops, and sanctioning bodies to showcase the parts that will make race cars go faster in the coming year. It is held annually in the race-friendly town of Indianapolis, Indiana.

For us, it represents a chance to not only check out the racing parts, but catch up on some of the products that may have slipped through the cracks during the manic pace of The SEMA Show. Clearly if you are stopping by SVTP to read the front page, you are interested in making your Ford faster. So, check out all the great hardware we found in Indy.


1 PRI Show 2014 (AEM)If you know about aftermarket fuel-injection systems, you should be familiar with AEM and its line of Infinity standalone EFI systems. Well, the company is making it easier to upgrade your Coyote crate engine with one of its systems thanks to this plug-and-play jumper harness (PN 30-3812; $668), which lets you plug an AEM Infinity ECU (sold separately) right into a Ford Racing Control Pack harness. The Infinity will give you complete control of a Coyote, including the TiVCT.

Afco Racing

2 PRI Show 2014 (Afco)In case you missed them in our SEMA Coverage, Afco Racing has a pair of new twin-fan heat exchangers for supercharged Fords. One is its familiar GT500 unit, now available with a black finish, and the other is unit for Roush- and Whipple-supercharged Raptor pickups.


3 PRI Show 2014 (Aeromotive)The crew at Aeromotive made a big announcement about its continued participation in Pro Mod racing. However, for more down-to-earth applications, the company offers its signature A1000 fuel pump as a drop-in unit for 2010-2013 Mustangs.


4 PRI Show 2014 (Airaid)We are quite familiar with Airaid’s cold-air intakes for both the 2015 Mustang GT and EcoBoost. Both were on display at PRI, but we were excited to learn the company has a 2015 V-6 system on the way in the near future.

BMR Suspension

5 PRI Show 2014 (BMR)If you spend any time on our forums, you surely ran across a preview of BMR Suspension’s PRI display provided by our friends a Lethal Performance. Well, the formal unveiling at the show. Clearly BMR has a robust lineup of parts—from springs and jacking rails to a complete K-member and IRS bracing—in the offing. As soon as they move beyond the prototype stage we hope to cover the installation of this gear right here on the front page.


6 PRI Show 2014 (Boostane)Looking for an octane booster for your high-performance Ford, we found the cleverly named Boostane, which is said to be designed by championship powerboat racers.

Custom Performance Engineering

7 PRI Show 2014 (CPE)Debuting its Focus ST turbo upgrade kit at the show was Custom Performance Engineering. Compatible with the company’s existing cold-air intake and intercooler, the Atmosphere turbo kit includes everything needed to install your choice of larger Tial turbos. Of course, you won’t want to go too large if you are running the stock short-block.

Darton Sleeves

8 PRI Show 2014 (Darton)Looking for more displacement from your Coyote engine? Darton Sleeves showed of its Modular Integrated Deck Sleeve Kit for the vaunted 5.0-liter engine. The M.I.D. sleeves will allow taking the bore size up to 94 mm.

D.S.S. Racing

9 PRI Show 2014 (DSS)Growing its line of Ford pistons, D.S.S. Racing showed off an expanded range of its affordable E-Series pistons. Available for 331 and 347ci stroker applications, these slugs can also be had as part of a rotating assembly from D.S.S.

Energy Suspension

10 PRI Show 2014 (Energy Suspension)At SEMA we were wowed by Energy Suspension’s complete lineup of polyurethane bushing upgrades for the 2015 Mustang’s independent rear suspension. Well, the company has also determined that is simple and effective bushing upgrades for the stock MT-82 shifter will carry over to the S550.


11 PRI Show 2014 (Ferrea)We know about Ferrea Racing Components’ valvetrain upgrades, which they clearly now have for the EcoBoost Mustang’s 2.3-liter cylinder head. Even more interesting, our friends at Full Race Motorsports tell us that porting these heads picked up 60 cfm. We can’t wait to see what built 2.3-liter EcoBoost engines will do with larger turbos.

Ford Racing

12 PRI Show 2014 (Ford Racing)How about this? A Fox Mustang in the Ford Racing booth. It wasn’t just any Fox Mustang, however. This is Shane Stymiest’s championship-winning Coyote Stock stallion, which obviously runs one of Ford Racing’s sealed Coyote crate engines. Of course there was also a 2015 Mustang in the booth, and the factory performance division showed off the full line of S550 gear that we showed you at The SEMA Show. Ford Racing also showed of the Big Bore 5.3-liter stroker modular short-block for owners of Two-, Three-, and Four-Valve Mustangs.


13 PRI Show 2014 (Geddex)Known for a product line designed to make the lives of drag racers easier, Geddex showed off something that might make all car enthusiasts’ lives easier. A reformulation of its famed Burnout Guard, which lets racers easily remove rubber from quarter panels, the latest Geddex product is called Nose Guard. This spray-on elixir lets car owners easily hose off most debris, including bug carcasses.

G-Force Engineering

14 PRI Show 2014 (G-Force)G-Force Engineering already builds a halfshaft upgrade for the 2015 Mustang, but if you need more durability (and gear selection) than even the stock Super 8.8 has to offer, then the company’s new 9-inch IRS upgrade should be on your wish list. The company offers a lifetime warranty on its products, so we’d say they are confident in the durability of this setup.


15 PRI Show 2014 (Haltech)We’ve known about Haltech’s Elite EFI system for the Coyote engine for some time now. One of the first systems to bring the factory TiVCT under its sway, it looks like a great answer for racers and engine swappers. Haltech further accentuated its capabilities by adding a ProCharger to its display engine stand. Perhaps more exciting for owners of 2011 and up Mustangs, Haltech is also working on a plug-in ECU for Coyote Mustangs as well.

Holley Performance Products

16 PRI Show 2014 (Holley)Hands down, the most intriguing products of the PRI Show was Holley Performance Products’ innovative Hydramat. Using want seems like magic, this mat can act as a fuel pickup. As long as it is in contact with fuel, it can feed go juice to the pump. As such, it virtually eliminates pump starvation and lets you run your fuel level quite low without fear of a lean condition. It should be interesting seeing what the use of this product will allow.

HP Tuners

17 PRI Show 2014 (HP Tuners)Clearly we were amped up about the ability to flash tune vehicles with HP Tuners software and the new nGauge hardware. However, in addition to that partnership, HP Tuners also created its own track datalogger called Track Addict. This app is available for the iPhone and it will overlay your OBD-II and lap-timing data over your video heroics.

Innovate Motorsports

18 PRI Show 2014 (Innovate)With turbos becoming the way of the world in Ford performance, we were intrigued by Innovate Motorsports’ SGC-1 Solenoid Boost Controller. Clearly this setup lets you adjust the boost level, but it also includes a wideband air/fuel gauge and datalogging features as well.

JMS Chip & Performance

19 PRI Show 2014 (JMS)This one caught us off guard. The crew at JMS Chip & Performance is known for its electronic wizardry. However, in Indy, the company showed off a new line of drag wheels. They promise quality and ease of fitment will be hallmarks of this line. Besides those features, we have to say this five-spoke Avenger model with the milled edges is attractive as well.

Kooks Headers & Exhaust

20 PRI Show 2014 (Kooks)We covered Kooks’ new 2015 Mustang exhaust in our SEMA coverage, but this show illustrates the bulk of the system. One of its innovative features is the rear of the midpipe where it necks down to meet the stock-diameter axle-back. This junction can be swapped out for a 3-inch section so you can run Kooks’s full 3-inch system.

Livernois Motorsports

21 PRI Show 2014 (Livernois)Showing off its EcoBoost-oriented product line, including tuners, thermostats, cold-air intakes and more for all manner of GTDI Ford Engines, Livernois Motorsports used its 11-second EcoBoost Mustang as the centerpiece for its display. The company has a downpipe and other goodies in the works for EcoBoost Mustangs, but at the moment, they carry a tuner, thermostat, and heavy-duty head studs.


22 PRI Show 2014 (MBRP)Proudly showing off its 2015 Mustang GT cat-back exhaust system at PRI was MBRP. The system looks like it is quite free flowing, and MBRP hopes to have test results in the near future, so stay tuned.


23 PRI Show 2014 (Moroso)We know that Moroso was early out of the gate with its coolant tank for the 2015 Mustang, and the company is also working on a tank for supercharged S550s with air-to-water intercooler systems. Moroso also just created a 2015 Mustang kit for its oil separator.

Nitrous Express

24 PRI Show 2014 (NX)Nitrous Express didn’t really need to change its existing Coyote nitrous systems for the 2015 Mustang GT. However, the company is venturing into EcoBoost nitrous systems, and it already had a V-6 kit at PRI. Even better news is that an EcoBoost Mustang kit for the GTDI 2.3-liter engine is coming soon. We can’t wait to see what nitrous does for these cars.

Nitrous Outlet

25 PRI Show 2014 (NO)Catching our eye in the Nitrous Outlet booth was a hydro-dipped Cobra Jet intake plumbed with one of the company’s direct-port systems. This service is available for almost any intake, but the thick Boss 302 and Cobra Jet manifolds seem to readily accept this mod. Of course, Nitrous Outlet has more traditional nozzle systems for Coyotes as well.

Optic Armor

26 PRI Show 2014Those who are obsessed with the heavier S550 can drop a little weight and add some safety to their S550 race cars with Optic Armor’s front and rear Drop-In Black Out windows for the 2015 Mustang. Not only are these windows lighter and shatter resistant, but the company’s Armor Coat protects them from scratches and lets you clean them like glass windows. If you stay tuned to the front page, we might even show you how they install…


27 PRI Show 2014 (Odyessy)Need a high-performance, high-output battery for your ride? Odyssey’s Extreme series of batteries packs in as much pure lead using Absorbed Glass Mat technology. Doing so is said to deliver twice the power and three times the life of conventional batteries.


28 PRI Show 2014 (Powermaster)If you have revved up your Coyote engine with more performance, you might need more starting oomph. Powermaster has a new high-torque starter for the modern 5.0-liter engine.


29 PRI Show 2014 (ProCharger)Performance on the racetrack is a cornerstone of ProCharger’s product development, so the PRI Show is a big deal for the blower company. In addition to showing off the new black-finish for its street superchargers, the company displayed this new F-3R 136 supercharger, which is designed to support 3,000 horsepower by way of up to 50 pounds of boost. That is serious business.

Race Star

30 PRI Show 2014 (Race Star)Speaking of serious racing hardware, Race Star Industries debuted its new 92 Drag Star Polished double-bead-lock wheel at the show. This one-piece casting features two billet beadlocks. Weighing in at 22 pounds, these wheels are available in 5.5-, 6.25-, and 7-inch backspacing.

Roush Yates

31 PRI Show 2014 (Roush Yates)Roush-Yates showed off this race-ready FEAD for Coyote engines at the show. This racing-bred performance outlet not only offers numerous engine upgrades for these engines, they also have beautiful, carbon-fiber coil covers emblazoned with the Roush Yates logo.

Scat Crankshafts

32 PRI Show 2014 (Scat)Want more cubes and higher revs from your 4.6-liter mod motor? Scat offered up a Pro Series stroker crankshaft for the original modular.


33 PRI Show 2014 (Scroth)Many Mustangs server double duty on the street and on the race track, and Schroth Racing previewed a new Quick Fit harnessbelt for S197 Mustangs at the show. Available in two versions—standard and pro—these belts install easily using the factory seat belt receptacles yet they retain Schroth’s Anti-SubMarine technology. The pro version is compatible with a HANS device. These belts will be available early next year via HMS Motorsport.


34 PRI Show 2014 (Seibon)If you love carbon fiber like your scribe, you’ll be interested in this 2013-2014 GT500-style carbon-fiber hood (PN HD1011FDMU-TS; $1,200) from Seibon. The company offers a variety of carbon-fiber parts for S197-era Mustangs.

Stainless Steel Brakes

35 PRI Show 2014 (SSBC)Clearly, the PRI Show is about racing, so Stainless Steel Brakes offered up its drag brake package, which is designed to fit smaller drag wheels, reduce weight, and still provide the stopping horsepower you need at the end of the track. However, the company is working on adapting its massive V8 calipers for the 2015 Mustang.

Stainless Works

36 PRI Show 2014 (SW)Naturally, Stainless Works offered up its new 2015 Mustang headers at the show. The cornerstone of its complete system for the new Mustang GT, these headers are obviously built from stainless steel and feature 1 7/8-inch primary tubes. They are built to join the SW 3-inch cat-back. Not on display, but set to release imminently is the Stainless Work exhaust for the EcoBoost Mustang. Apparently its retro-chamber mufflers really bring the four-cylinder Mustang’s personality to life.


37 PRI Show 2014 (Stifflers)Transmission swaps into 1999-2004 Mustangs should be easier thanks to this new adjustable crossmember from Stifflers. Its slotted installation lets you adjust the crossmember to merge with any transmission mount you might want to install in your New Edge ’Stang.

Strange Engineering

38 PRI Show 2014 (Strange)For extreme-performance racing applications, Strange introduced a new, billet-aluminum 9-inch housing at the show. Carved from heat-treated 7075 aluminum alloy, this unit is ready for X275 and Drag Radial racers. The company is also creating a billet unit to accommodate its new 10-inch gears.


39 PRI Show 2014 (Turbosmart)With the blow-off valve for the Focus ST being one of its top sellers, it’s no surprise that Turbosmart is first to market with a bolt-on BOV for the EcoBoost Mustang. These valves will not only make your GTDI Mustang sound cool, but they will hold up to far more boost than the stock plastic units, which can crack when subjected to beyond-stock boost.

VMP Tuning

40 PRI Show 2014 (VMP)Our friends at VMP Tuning displayed at the PRI Show to introduce the world to their series of TVS superchargers, supercharger upgrades, and Ford tuning support. Shown here are the Terminator TVS and the Gen2 TVS, which is available for Coyotes and GT500s.

Vortech Superchargers

PRI Show 2014 945While it was dazzling racers with new race superchargers, like the V-7 YSi-B supercharger, Vortech is looking to continue its push into the EcoBoost market, which was represented by its new EcoBoost Mustang intercooler upgrade, which promises to eliminate heat soak on the turbo 2.3. As for the new YSi, it is fitted with a new billet impeller designed to take racers in Renegade and other classes to new heights.

Watson Racing

41 PRI Show 2014 (Watson)We last saw Watson Racing’s 2015 Mustang in the Ford display at the SEMA show. In Indy, it received even more attention, in part due to is display stance above the show floor. This setup allowed interested showgoers to view all the great hardware underneath, including the drag-race K-member shown here. Watson is really ramping up production of its S550 parts, and the company is itching to get this car out to the drag strip for testing.


42 PRI Show 2014 (Whiteline)Whiteline showed off its line of suspension upgrades, including control arms for SN-95, New Edge, and S197 Mustangs. These arms feature the company’s signature synthetic-elastomer bushings housed inside forged ends, built for maximum durability. At SEMA, we saw Whiteline’s sway bars for the S550 platform, and they are hard at work developing new gear for the latest Mustang.


43 PRI Show 2014 (Wilwood)While the company didn’t have them on display at the show, Wilwood is on the case developing big brake kits for the 2015 Mustang. As the supplier for Shelby American’s brake packages, you can expect to see these calipers on that new Shelby GT.

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