News: Shelby GT350 Cold Weather Testing

Let it Snow

Ford tests the Shelby GT350 in extreme conditions

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Are you hoping Santa brings you a new Shelby GT350 in his sleigh? Well, thanks to Ford’s rigorous testing, you can be sure the car is ready to make it through the snow.

1 Shelby GT350 Cold Weather Test
If it can survive Ford’s rigorous testing, we are pretty sure the Shelby GT350 will be ready for whatever you can throw at it.

Yes, even though we don’t expect most people to drive their Mustangs in extreme conditions, Ford tests its vehicles to survive in these environs. It even puts its top-of-the-line performers to these tests.

As you can see here, a camo-covered Shelby GT350 mule gets a Season’s Greeting of cold air and snow and still keeps doing its thing. Ford’s test lab can swing the temperatures from -40 to 131 degrees to simulate any extreme the planet can throw at its cars (and competitor cars).

Watch some of the testing in action right here:

2 Shelby GT350 Cold Weather Test
Do you feel better knowing your GT350 will keep running even when the engine is covered in snow?



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  1. So does this mean they will ship with a block heater installed? My Lightning undergoes driving conditions like that every winter, and the main reason why I don’t consider a Boss 302 or my GT500 for 4 season operation is the lack of a factory installed block heater.

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