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Chapter Two

Ford released its second behind-the-scenes 2015 Mustang video

By Steve Turner

Now that the 2015 Mustang is galloping across the streets of America, Ford is comfortable sharing the stories of the iconic car’s development. Last week, the company released Chapter 1, which gave us a look inside the car’s exterior design. This week, the Blue Oval is sharing a look inside the new Mustang’s best facet—its interior design.

A Ford video gives us a look behind the interior design work Doyle Letson's team did for the 2015 Mustang.
A Ford video gives us a look behind the interior design work Doyle Letson’s team did for the all-new 2015 Mustang.

The handiwork of Chief Designer, Global Interiors at Ford Motor Company, Doyle Letson and his team, the S550 interior is inspired by aerospace design. We really enjoyed sitting down with Doyle before the car was introduced. He and then-Chief Engineer Dave Pericak are friends that balanced the design and engineering needs to come up with the car’s striking interior.

Now you can get a glimpse into this process from this video…

Next week, Ford will release Chapter 3, which will focus on the car’s engineering, so this series is going to keep getting better.



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