Video: 2015 Mustang Launch

Chapter Four

Ford concludes its series on S550 development with the big reveal

By Steve Turner

Now that the 2015 Mustangs are running wild on the streets of America, it’s hard to remember what the anticipation leading up to the car’s big reveal was like. The pony-car faithful were pretty revved-up about what the car would look like and what its specs would be. The pressure was on Team Mustang to deliver an all-new Mustang that referenced the past but was ready for the future.

The final installment in Ford's video series on 2015 Mustang development gives us a window into what it's like to launch an all-new Mustang.
The final installment in Ford’s video series on 2015 Mustang development gives us a window into what it’s like to launch an all-new Mustang.

Over the past few weeks, Ford has releases a series of short documentary videos detailing the development of the 2015 Mustang. The series started with the obvious by detailing the car’s exterior design, while the second installment detailed one of our favorite parts of the car, the interior. Last week, the third chapter detailed the engineering and testing of the 2015 Mustang.

The final chapter hit this week with a look back at the car’s global reveal. Again, it is really hard to go back to that time and remember the excitement, but it was there. Your author was able to get a look at life-size model of the car in Ford’s design studio in advance of the big reveal, and it was fun to see the people of Team Mustang express both excitement and relief at showing the car. All the hard work and pressure could be released, and they could finally talk about the new Mustang that would mark the car’s 50th anniversary.

If you want to get a feel for what that exciting time was like, you can watch the final installment here…

After viewing that, we are ready to do it all over again, but it might be a while before we get another all-new Mustang. For now, you can simply revel in the fact that the latest Mustang is pretty great. And, in case you missed the rest of the series, you can catch up on all the videos right here…



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