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Ford dealer releases 4K video of the rarest S550 shredding its rear tires

By Steve Turner

You might not think of a car dealership as a place that creates cool videos, but in today’s world every business is trying to attract attention online. One dealer that’s doing a great job is Town & Country Ford in Bessemer, Alabama.

Would you do a burnout in one of the rarest 2015 Mustangs built?
Would you do a burnout in one of the rarest 2015 Mustangs built?

This dealership has done a great job creating a series of overview videos that highlight the features of new Fords for potential customers. They have produced several such videos, including an overview of a 2015 Mustang modded with a Roush Performance supercharger. However, Town & Country’s latest video effort is its coolest yet.

How many times have you wanted to test drive a new Mustang and do a burnout right on the dealer lot? Well, this dealer did just that—with one of the rarest 2015 Mustangs built (at least until the GT350 is released).

“The 50 Year Limited Mustang is a very rare car with only 1,964 in the world!” says the dealership. “Today, we do a burnout in one of these iconic cars! Watch as we roast the tires all the way through Fourth gear!”

If you weren’t sure how to use the Line Lock feature to a massive burnout like this, the dealer also has a how-to video for this feature…

Melvins might not appreciate doing that to a rare Mustang, but we think it’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen a dealership do.

If you want to learn more about the 50 Years Limited Edition 2015 Mustang, you can watch the dealership’s comprehensive overview here…

Of course, if that’s not enough you can flash back to our coverage of the 50 Years Limited Edition right here.



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