Event: Mustang Week 2016 Burnout Contest

Shred Till They’re Dead

Drivers annihilated their rear tires at our annual competition

By Steve Turner

Mustang Week is definitely known for its burnouts, but the best burnouts take place where the driver doesn’t get at ticket—at the SVTPerformance Burnout Contest. After the Fun Runs on the speedway and the cone-crunching on the autocross subside, crowds fill the infield and grandstands to judge this contest.

In appreciation of his victory Khion received a new set of drag radials from our own SID297.
In appreciation of his victory Khion Kittle received a new set of drag radials from our own SID297.

If you are thinking this is just another stationary smoke show, you haven’t seen this one go down. The SVTP version of a burnout contest turns into a wild combination of burnouts drifting and general mayhem. Drivers are supposed to start smoking the tires and keep them boiling as long as they can while keeping the vehicle in front of the crowd.

Once every contestant completes their burnout the drivers are lined up and judged based on the volume of the crowd’s reaction. This year’s crop of drivers provided one of the most competitive fields yet. The majority of the cars created huge clouds of smoke and their drivers exhibited impressive car control.

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