New Product: S197 Watts Link Pivot Upgrade

Center of Suspension

BMR Suspension offers a lighter, strong center pivot for its Watt’s Link kit

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of BMR Suspension

If you want the ultimate in solid-axle Mustang handling, a Watt’s Link is your jam. Because of its centralized pivot, this arrangement delivers more precise handling than a Panhard bar and installing one is usually a bolt-on affair.

BMR Suspension now offers a lightweight, durable center pivot upgrade (PN WL007; $149.95) for its Watt’s Link systems.
BMR Suspension now offers a lightweight, durable center pivot upgrade (PN WL007; $149.95) for its Watt’s Link systems.

Those that decide to upgrade their suspensions with a Watt’s link like those offered by BMR Suspension (PN WL005 and WL006) are not only seeking sharper handling, but are likely to put it to good use on a road course or autocross where maximum durability and minimum weight are both important.

“A Watts link locates the rearend housing and eliminates lateral axle movement by keeping the differential perfectly centered under the car through the suspension’s entire range of motion,” says BMR. “The center pivot plays a huge part in the systems effectiveness, and if you want the ultimate in strength and durability, upgrade to BMR Suspension’s billet aluminum center pivot…”

We detailed the installation of BMR Suspension’s 2005-2014 Mustang Watt’s Link last October. Now you can upgrade this system with the company’s new billet pivot upgrade.

The company recently released this part (PN WL007; $149.95) as a bolt-on upgrade for its Watt’s Link kits for the 2005-2014 Mustang, which we detailed in an installation story last year. It is said to be both lighter and stronger than the fabricated pivot standard in these kits.

“The new pivot simply bolts onto your existing Watts Link with supplied hardware,” the company added. “This pivot works with both the rod end and polyurethane configurations.”

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  1. Very nice piece. I can respect the time and effort that went into the concept, cad drawings, numerous prototypes, and constant improvement and tweaking until it was ready for prime time.

    Thumbs up Kelly.

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