Video: Drag Strip Results – Cobra Jet vs Shelby GT350 Manifold

Track Tested

[email protected] hits to strip to get the data.

By SID297

It’s easy to say that the Cobra Jet Intake Manifold from Ford Performance Racing Parts has been a huge hit in the Mustang Community.  That’s for good reason, it is a massive upgrade over the 2011-2014 Mustang GT manifold.  However, fitment issues (hood interference) have prevented many Coyote-Powered S550 owners from making the switch to the Cobra Jet.  Instead, most have been opting to upgrade to the Shelby GT350 manifold.

SVTP has reported on tests between the two aforementioned manifolds in the past (Click Here for Previous Article), but SVTP Vendor [email protected] has gone one step farther.  He started out with dyno testing (Click Here for Shaun’s Dyno Results), but quickly moved on to the crucible that is the drag strip.  Check out the video and discussion thread below for the full results:

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Click here for Additional GT350 Intake Manifold Info





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