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News: New Product Highlights From SEMA 2016


Take My Money

What new speed parts are you going to be buying in 2017?

By SID297
Photos Courtesy of SEMA

I love the idea on which the SEMA Show is founded. At its purest form SEMA is not a car show; it is a car parts show. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be. Somewhere along the way the focus of the show seems to have shifted to seeing who can do the flashiest build. While that’s plenty of fun in its own right I still like to dig in and see the latest and greatest the manufacturers are offering up.

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Event: SVTP Vendors at SEMA 2016


Hot Parts Now

SVTP Vendors were showing off their latest wares at SEMA 2016

By SID297
Photos by Eddie Maloney

The annual SEMA show is always a good time, but for me personally one of the highlights is seeing what our SVTP Vendors have been working on. The size of the show always makes finding all the booths you want to see a bit of a scavenger hunt, but the reward make all the walking worth it. You truly never know what you’ll see, but chances are it’ll be something awesome that you want (such as the Batmobile).

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Tech: Livernois’ Firestorm High Pressure Fuel Pump


Next Level Power

The stock HPFP is the major power limiter on a bolt-on 2.3L EcoBoost.  Why stay stock?

By SID297
Photos Courtesy of Livernois Motorsports


For performance enthusiasts Ford’s EcoBoost engine platform has been a major hit, and that was even before Ford began putting the smaller boosted engines in their flagship performance vehicles. FoMoCo’s stance has been clear from the start, they want to see an EcoBoost in everyone’s driveway. With the GT, RS, and Raptor only being available with tweeked EcoBoost engines making serious factory power it is becoming even more difficult for the ‘V8 Only’ crowd to embrace the OEM turbo’d mills. That’s especially true when you throw in the fact that the EcoBoost line responds ridiculously well to simple bolt-ons.

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Event: The Mustangs of SEMA 2016


S550 Dominates Show

The newest Mustang is easily the most popular car among displayers at SEMA 2016

By SID297
Photos by Eddie Maloney

We’ve long known that the aftermarket loves when a new Mustang platform is released.  To them it represent an opportunity to make their mark on a car that is as much a part of American automotive history as any current production model.  So to no one’s surprise it’s almost a guarantee that there will be hundreds of everyone’s favorite Pony car on display at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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New 2017 Mustang GT4 Spec Released at SEMA 2016



Racy Photos

Coming to a Winner’s Circle Near You

By SID297
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2016 – The all-new Mustang GT4 turnkey race car builds on the legendary nameplate’s global reach. Mustang is one of the most prominent automobiles in the history of North American motorsports, including the SCCA Shelby GT350R of the 1960s, Trans-Am Boss 302 of the 1970s, the more recent FR500, Boss 302R and 2016 championship-winning Shelby GT350R-C. The all-new Mustang GT4 expands the pony’s stable to a global audience.

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