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    Question rear-end & transmission

    im going to change to some kind of oil do you put in the 5 speed on a 96 cobra,is it a gear oil or can i use like mobil 1 and lucas oil,and my rearend is a 373 posi,so what do i put in it,and what weight,and how much does it take in the rearend and the tranny.
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    but going to sale soon

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    the tranny needs tranny fluid, not sure what the T-45 uses, maybe Mercon III, but you can get the redline or Royal purple equivalent. The diff. takes gear oil, 70w90 with one bottle of ford friction modifier. i think the tranny takes just over 4 qrts and the rear takes like 3 i think.
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    Need to retune and hit the dyno for new numbers!

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