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    Question 1996 Cobra clutch adjustment

    I am looking for the procedure on adjusting the clutch on a stock 1996 Cobra. Thanks

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    The only one I know of is to put your foot under the clutch pedal and lift up on it. If out of adj you will feel it click.

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    CobraCurtis, Thanks for the reply, I have tried that method and have never gotten any clicks. My clutch does not respond until it is about half way out. Maybe it is time for a new one....Thanks again.

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    Don't worry about it..I bought my car new and the clutch doesn't start to engage untill 1/2 way up.

    If it isn't slipping it's prob OK.

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    I got the clutch pedal adjuster kit on my 97 Cobra installed last week and love it! My clutch pedal is even with my brake pedal and the effort seems much lighter. It's the one in 5.0 magazine(jan 2003). Well worth the $$$.

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    how much>?
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