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    BEST 94-95 GT/Cobra MODS!!??

    Sup guys i was wondering what the best starting mods are for 5.0 liter gt and cobras are. Two of my friends are getting 95 stangs ones getting a gt and the other a cobra. I dont know nearly as much about the 5 liters as i know about the 4.6. So any help would be appreciated. BTW whats a good chip for the 5.0's. From what i hear exhaust mods make a huge difference with these engines
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    long tubes, gears, and adjust the timing.

    after that, pullies, tb, cai,

    after that egr delete, smog delete
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    Timing (its Free)

    Gears ..... 94/95's have 3:08s stock!!! LOL
    Complete exhaust ie headers, X-pipe, catback, CAI, TB, Pullies, and a Shifter protect those weak T-5 shift forks......
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    these guys covered it will, if they are looking for bolt ons. I dont know of many chips for these, most places stopped making them, a good tune is always in order, as the computer pulls huge amounts of timing when it gets hot
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    timing pulled and fuel dumps.....look at my dyno

    I am pretty sure you can get a chip burned from an sct guy that will handle the fuel, clean up the timing and the other quirks. Don95Vert on stangnet was pretty helpful when I asked him. I am just not sure what direction I am going, that is why I havent bought one

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    hmm id have to say either a 347 stroker or a 557ci big block lol
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    The obvious basics:

    CAI (pick one, Ebay ones are cheap and effective). Gears are important, they make the car come alive with the heavy car and the 5.0. 65mm throttle body unless a power adder is in the future. 70mm if you go with a large intake manifold (TFS Track Heat/ Edelbrock).

    That's a pretty good start. I'd stay away from an EGR delete prior to tuning the car, you will actually get better mileage by a bit with EGR, and if you delete it without a tune it will cause some detonation issues.

    The GT really needs to look into heads and an intake, and roller rocker arms. Good deals can be found on used stuff. We did a GT-40P/Cobra intake with Cobra rockers on a '94 GT and total investment including all new valvetrain stuff was about a thousand bucks.
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    What do the budgets look like? Regardless, do gears first. 4.10's or 3.73's. Nothing more, nothing less, unless a power adder is in the near future (3.55's). Timing is easy and free. Put it to 14 degrees. Full exhaust is important. Depending on emissions, go with longtubes (or shorties for emissions), x pipe, whatever mufflers and tips. Then save up for heads/cam/intake.
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