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    Tire size on a 93 cobra?

    what size tires are most of you guys running and how does it hook? Anyone fit a 275 bfg?

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    I run MT Drag 275/40-17's on my stock wheels on the rear. They just clear lowered and all.

    My car hooks AMAZING.

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    I'm running 265-35-18's all the way around and it looks great. Personally I like the look of a 275 all the way around, but they were more money, and sometimes you'll have rubbing issues.

    In a 17 you'd be looking at 255's or 275's. You can run smaller or larger, but those seem to fit the best, and look the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Ben
    I run MT Drag 275/40-17's on my stock wheels on the rear. They just clear lowered and all.

    My car hooks AMAZING.
    My 89 use to be stock except for gears, exhaust, and a vortech. It went 11.9 on slicks, and would have probably put down about 330-350 if I ever would have dynoed it. Anyway, with 225 gaterbacks on 10 holes, I could blow them away in 1st or 2nd, and break them loose in 3rd. With 275 nitto 555Rs, I had to try to break them loose. I loved those tires. I hear the MT Drags hook even better, so I can image how those would be.

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    Agreed. In five months on the street I toasted a stock differencial with Nitto DR's on my GT, 245/50's. Those tires were awesome. With normal tires I could launch in second and spin them hard, and keep them burning into third; but with the 555DR's Launching in first I was lucky to chirp second. Hook like mad, corner like a road course tire, and no worse in the rain than any other tire I've used. According to my Gtech they shaved .5 off my 1/4 too, over the Nitto 450 Extremes I used to run.

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    With my old factory Cobra rims I had Nitto DR 275/40/17. They cleared my lowered car and hooked pretty good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racerbox77
    With my old factory Cobra rims I had Nitto DR 275/40/17. They cleared my lowered car and hooked pretty good.
    What size tires are you running with the 18s?
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    I got the Toyo TR1 245/40/18 and 275/35/18. Wish I would have gone with a 285 on rear. Theres room and with 9.5" rims the tire looks a little bit small. O well Im sure Ill burn them off next summer.

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    Im running MT drag radials on stock rims 275/40 My car is lowered to and have no rubbing problems and MTs hook better than the Nittos too.
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