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    How many volts does your alternator put out?

    I recently had a battery die on me the other day. I Put a new one in and charged it and it has worked great. I was doodling arround today and hooked the multimeter on the battery while the car was running and suprisingly i was only getting arround 10.4. Thats pretty low.. I cant tell if there is a underdrive pully and I do not think my alternator is going out because that figure is way to consitant. What's your cars putting out?
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    Mines putting out 13.5 or so, it could also be your battery going bad
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    I charged it back up because it died.... Maybe i odd to go and get it tested.

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    Mine runs at 14.4 volts
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    I was downstairs getting some chocolate and i just thought of something.. It cant be the battery. if the car is on and I am testing the leads its measuring the alternator's output correct? So i either have a underdrive pulley on the vehicle from the previous owner or a bad alternator...

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    alternator, bye bye, if you feel its not your alternator, disconnect battery with car running and see if car continues to run good. regardless of battery you should see a constant charge no less than 12.0 volts at 700rpm engine idle,
    i think we need a thread just for a funeral home for our alternators
    time of death
    miles or months of service
    details leading up to final farewell
    cost of funeral services and replacement cost of lost auto part family member
    cost's of beer to drown sorrow of loss of important auto part family member
    cost's of beer for party to accept and install new replacement auto part family member
    etc. etc. etc.
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