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    Childs Stroller That Looks Like A Car Body

    Does anyone know where I can buy a childs stroller that looks like a car or truck body? I've seen these in a magazine about 5 or 6 years ago--they are a very small car body with a handle on it that you can push them around in. My wife and I are expected in December and I wanted to get a jump on it trying to find one. I've looked all over ebay with no success. Any response would be appreciated.

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    Trust me on this. When looking for a stroller go with whats practical for all kinds of situations. So unless that car stroller comes with a large trunk....go with something else. babies and infants require alot of crap. We went to the Sandiego zoo recently. Kid had a blowout!(too much crap for the diaper to hold) lucky we are always prepared...or so we thought. We had a spare set of cloths but used all the wipes. It was all over the stroller. We also had a blanket incase it got chilly, We covered the stroller with it then put the kid back in. You need a stroller with cargo room and cup holders. Unless you don't mind carrying a large diaper bag on your back while you push and try to drink your drink. So like I said. If the car stroller doesn't have a trunk. forget about it.

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    Graco makes some nice stroller, things. My wife just had a baby two weeks ago. We were given a Graco stroller/car seat combo. It is nice, has cup holders, big storage area on the bottom. I agree, go for practical, rather than cool. If you want cool, look for the race car style car seats for when they get a little bigger. Recaro makes some nice ones.

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    Like stated above, you gotta have a Cadillac for the everyday travelin, but there's also nothing wrong with a sports car for weekend trips. ;)

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    anyone know where to get one of those things to seat twins??
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