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    Rear Diff Fluid change/ IRS Brace question


    for those of you that have done this already: Can you change your Diff fluid without taking the IRS brace out?

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    I changed mine when I did my springs. I dropped the rear of the IRS so getting to the plug was easy. I can't imagine trying to unscrew the plug with everything in place nevermind the brace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghoust

    for those of you that have done this already: Can you change your Diff fluid without taking the IRS brace out?
    I suck it out and pump back in through the filler need to touch the brace, but I retorque the bolts

    when I eventually put my spare, fresh diff in I'll have a drain plug to use

    as djtyau said, it's easy with IRS down but I did it once it's part of my winter ritual to pull catback & drop rear of IRS to change lube and fuel filter and inspect/clean everything up, including exhaust

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