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    Question symptoms of a failing or bad fuel pressure sensor

    I've been reading a few threads about people having bad fuel pressure sensors. Does anyone know what kind of symptoms a bad or failing fuel pressure sensor will give?
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    Sounds like hesitating, jerking, and stalling from what I have read.

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    I have a second run car no problems yet . I would assume it has the older sensor on it do you think it is worth replacing now or just wait till it goes out. Some people have had gas get in the oil from this that would SUCK.

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    Originally posted by 03cobrablack
    ......Some people have had gas get in the oil from this that would SUCK.
    Yes it would and that's why I'm asking.

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    It looks like people who are running extreme amounts of boost are having this problem. I would say they are not running big enough injectors, thus screwing up the sensor......
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    i would like to know as well...

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    My failure started with stumbling and heistation and progressed into stalling and hard starting. Then SES light and no starting. Big clounds of black smoke when trying to start (WAY too rich).

    Unplugging the sensor will trip the SES light, but the car will then run smoothly if the sensor is the problem. Just don't get into the throttle too much because it will be running lean.

    If it gets bad enough that you can smell gas in the oil, just change it a couple of times and take it easy for a few days.

    Good luck!


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    Originally posted by Griffin
    It looks like people who are running extreme amounts of boost are having this problem. I would say they are not running big enough injectors, thus screwing up the sensor......
    A couple of posts in this thread are misleading.
    1. This post right now is about a bone stock car with a failed sensor.

    2. Bigger injectors do not solve the problem. I'm running 55's with 15lbs of boost and just had my second failure.

    3. Symptoms have included hard starts, backfiring, strong fuel smell, flickering voltage light, bucking and surging, puffs of black smoke, loss of power at higher rpms, "too rich" codes on the O2 sensors (I tripped two this weekend) etc.
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    I just had mine fail over the weekend. Car had to come home on a flatbed. New sensor goes in tonight. -Mat-

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    When the fuel pressure sensor fails, the diaphram ruptures causing fuel to be drawn into the vacuum port, correct? Has more than one failure mode been reported? ie; any electrical failures?

    Wonder if any vendor makes (or could make) an isolator that we can install inline to prevent raw fuel from being drawn in. Doesn't sound too complicated to make. Not sure if isolator would significantly delay vac/pressure source to fuel pressure sensor though.

    Another idea... There must be some currently available sensors that can detect small amounts of fluid/gasoline. Why not Tee off the FRPS line and install sensor? Hook up sensor in series with a BRIGHT red light. Just a thought.


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    Since the fuel is much denser than air I suppose a manual shut off valve could be designed that would use the weight of the fuel to slide a piston back and create an alternate path for the fuel. The pressure of the fuel would be required to move the piston but once moved the vacuum line to the motor would continue to hold it shut until the fuel was removed. Perhaps something like this?

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