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    Question when depressing brake pedal sounds like a vacuum leak?

    I need some help guys?I just noticed while car is idling with the hood up and the door open on my 03 cobra, I can hear a hissing or vacuum leak while applying the brakes(car is parked in garage).The harder I push the pedal the louder the hissing.The brake fluid level is good and the pedal feels normal? Has anybody else noticed this on their cobra? With the hood shut and door closed you can't hear the noise.Thanks for the help in advance!
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    Ummm...most cars make that noise. Break open a vacuum booster some day and you will know why. Just a couple giant rubber baffles that move vacuum around. Being in the garage probably just amplified the noise.

    If the booster does really have a leak then the pedal will feel just like normal but braking power will have diminished severely. You will have to really put some muscle into it to get the Cobra to stop.

    How do the brakes feel on the road.
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    Our brakes don't use vacuum. Is the noise coming from your power steering pump area or the Hydro-booster area?

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    It's normal. These cars make TONS of noises.
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    Oh yeah, no vacuum booster. Well, I am not familiar with the Hydroboost system so I hope someone else can help.

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    ^^ dam fords.

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    Check the level of the PS fluid, If it is low or has air in it, the Hydroboost system will make noise.

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    If it's what I used to hear with my own Cobra, it's normal. Always made sort of a hissing sound when the brake pedal was depressed. Most noticeable when the car is sitting with the motor off. With the motor running the exhaust would sort of mask out that noise.

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