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    Thumbs Up PORTED EATON RUN 9's in the 1/4 mile no NITROUS!!!

    BADASS03SVT just called me on the phone with the big news.

    He ran yesterday and was in the 10.0's again.

    Here's his run from the phone call.

    1/8th mile--------6.31 @ 108mph
    1/4 mile----------9.94

    @ 135 mph

    This is the first time this has ever been done with any Ported Eaton no Nitrous.

    Thanks Jake for everything you've let me do on your car.

    He said he has it on video but he's still at the track.

    edit because I got a little excited: The blower on this car used to be a Stage 4. It is only upgraded to my Race Ported specs. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Regular ole Race Ported blowers from scratch are the same as this one now. Other than the opening on the bottom because nothing is gained by me changing that on a re-port.

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