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    Ticket for "illegal exhaust".

    I just got pulled over by a Virginia State Trooper for having "unapproved illegal exhaust" on my 07 Mustang GT. My exhaust system consists of SLP Loudmouth axleback mufflers and a Pypes Cut 'n Clamp X. My car was emissions inspected 3 weeks ago and I showed the trooper the documentation stating that my exhaust is indeed legal, and passed the inspection. He insisted that, in order for exhaust to be legal, it has to be "from the factory", which to my knowledge is erroneous. Is this a winable argument in court or should I just pay the fine?
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    You can still possibly get a noise/decibel violation even if you are exempt from emissions inspection. My Cobra see's maybe 4k a year, if that so I'm emissions exempt. But I've still been warned numerous times about the noise level of it. Even after I told him it's emissions exempt. I'm not sure of the rules where you are, however you're in Virginia and the cops there aren't the nicest in my experience lol

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    I would deffantly fight it man. when i had my 02 V6 mustang that had a bassani cat-back exhaust i was pulled over for "traveling fast" and "unnecessary noise" and idk how ur exhaust could be unnecessary. anyways i went to court and the District Attorney just had me go to the DMV and get it inspected for the decibal rating and i just had to show it to her and she dropped it. and luckily she didnt even say anythin about the traveling fast part
    defiantly fight it i hate when cops just pull people over and just give them straight up bullshit and u defiantly shouldnt havent gotten the ticket if u showed him that u passed inspection

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    Well being that the trooper works in VA, id think he knows the statute. If you can find the statute and read it yourself, then you will know if you should fight it. If the statute reads "from factory," then you are in the wrong. Sound and emmission levels don't matter if your exhaust isn't factory.

    You could always try to argue that how would the officer know what the stock exhaust is like for your vehicle, but then again, if you admitted to having altered exhaust, like you did in your question, then you have messed that up. And that argument might not hold too much weight where youre from.

    Hopefully someone from VA will chime in and give you exactly what you need. Good Luck!
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    Fight it man you should win sense you passsed emmsions. It is not like he gave you a noise ticket.
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    Here's what I found - doesn't look promising, although I bet that most states have statutes regarding "excessive noise," but VA seems to consider anything louder than factory to be in that category...

    "Virginia Code 46.2-1049. Exhaust system in good working order.

    No person shall drive and no owner of a vehicle shall permit or allow the operation of any such vehicle on a highway unless it is equipped with an exhaust system in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual levels of noise; provided however, that for motor vehicles, such exhaust system shall be of a type installed as standard factory equipment, or comparable to that designed for use on the particular vehicle as standard factory equipment. An exhaust system shall not be deemed to prevent excessive or unusual noise if it permits the escape of noise in excess of that permitted by the standard factory equipment exhaust system of private passenger motor vehicles or trucks of standard make.

    The term "exhaust system," as used in this section, means all the parts of a vehicle through which the exhaust passes after leaving the engine block, including mufflers and other sound dissipative devices.

    Chambered pipes are not an effective muffling device to prevent excessive or unusual noise, and any vehicle equipped with chambered pipes shall be deemed in violation of this section."
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    Based on the above post, I'm going to say that your SLP Loudmouth axleback is not designed as factory, and therefore you were in violation.

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    The VA State Troopers have been cracking down on all types of exhaust lately. Especially those vehicles having very large and ridiculous coffee can type exhaust pipes. My neighbor had a Cobalt with a loud exhaust that you could tell wasn't stock, but wasn't a huge coffee can, he got 4 tickets in a month by the VA State boys. The judge held up all of the tickets and ordered him to install factory exhaust back on his car. And this was in Shenandoah County that has no emissions inspection. You can always fight the tickets, but will you be successful? I doubt it, especially in the NoVa counties. Good luck with it anyway, and don't feel bad, it's not just you.
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    I don't know about other states, but in CA ANY exhaust can get you a modified exhaust ticket. Sound's like they are being the same. You will not win that case by showing proof that you passed an emissions test.

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