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    Nearest 1/4 Mile Drag Strip to Boston

    Hey guys, since it's the summer I'd like to head to some 1/4 mile or 1/8th mile (preferably 1/4) on the weekends for fun. Where are the nearest ones and how is the track prep? I've never run the Cobra on the strip, but may wanna give it a shot, or I may just go to watch. Anyway, have a good day guys.

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    New England Dragway - Epping, NH

    New England Dragway in Epping, NH. 1/4 mile dragstrip

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    1/4 mile
    New England is 1 to 1.5hrs from Boston. if you go on a friday better give yourself 2hrs+ if you leave near 3pm. prep is hit n miss

    Lebanon Valley Dragway in New Lebanon, NY. ALL the way down the Mass pike just over the border into NY. 3hrs from Boston. I rarely go but they prep it better than NED

    Oxford Plains dragway, Oxford Maine. about an hour north of NED. old school 1/8 mile, crew is there for the racers and the racing! track HOOKS.

    Ill be at oxford this saturday!!
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