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    1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

    I really don't want to let it go, but the parking situation at my house is horrible. If you can tell from my pictures my driveway is pretty small, and every night i have 2 cars and a truck parked here, not including the turbo coupe.

    Car is a 1988 Turbo Coupe, oxford white with red interior. I purchased this car from the original owner, it has been garage kept almost it's entire life. Car is a 5-speed and it shifts like new. I have every document that came with the car, including the window sticker and the 2 original keys for it. It has 84K miles, but looks like it has 30K. The original owner took extremely good care of it, kept it garaged, washed, oil changes, always premium fuel, and never abused. The car is very mechanically sound, it doesn't over heat, it doesn't knock, it idles great and runs smooth. The paint is in just gorgeous condition, no fading anywhere, even the trim around the car and the mirrors and such are still black, not faded gray. The interior is almost perfect, except for one crack on the dash that isn't very noticeable. It has power everything, and it all works. The radio and speakers work.

    I bought the car not running. It had broken down about a week before i purchased it. I had to put a new timing belt on it, it is a non interference motor, so no damage was done. I had to take off the thermostat housing when doing the timing belt, so i went ahead and replaced the thermostat and radiator cap just for a precaution. The factory boost control solenoid was bad, only allowing the "regular fuel setting" of 9 PSI. This part is obsolete and hard to find used. I went with an aftermarket boost controller and replaced the lines running to it. Although it is an aftermarket manual boost controller, i didn't put it on to turn up the boost. I have it set at 15 pounds which is dead on factory settings. You may turn the boost up if you want, but i want to keep it running factory.

    There are a few things that may need attention, it does leak a little bit of oil, it is a bad seal somewhere. Its not bad, there are no oil spots on my driveway, but the original owner told me when due for an oil change it is about 1/2 quart low. Although it runs great, it could stand a tune up, plugs, wires, and maybe a dizzy cap. Maybe about 50 or 60 bucks total i would guess. The tires have decent tread on them and i have been driving on them with no problems, but im not sure how old they are, so you may want to replace them.

    All in all, the car is immaculate and would be a great car to be garaged and taken to car shows, or driven every day. I have drove this car enough to know that is is reliable and drives great.

    Price on the car is $3400 OBO

    You can respond on here, or i get my e-mails sent to my phone so you will get a quick response through e-mail. [email protected]

    Thank you for viewing, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask

    Here are the pictures, i don't have any underhood shots yet, but i will post some soon!

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    where in NC are you located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Condor21 View Post
    where in NC are you located?
    I am located in Lexington, so about an hour north of you. If you are interested, i would be glad to meet you somewhere to show you the car.

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