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    VA LEOs Question

    Since relocating to the Northern Virginia area almost 10 years ago know, I've always wondered this and never understood it.

    In the NoVA area, why is it that LEOs will allow people to 'pull over' in the middle of the road and block traffic? Isn't this a safety issue for all involved? (And it makes traffic even worse than it already is) This is the only area I've seen traffic stops happen in the middle of road...why?

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    By VA law, a vehicle is required to pull to the nearest shoulder when yielding to any emergency vehicle. As to why some people stop in the middle of the road for officers is more a question of the drivers' mentality I suppose. I've had people do the same here in the Richmond area and have charged and convicted them under VA Code 46.2-888 for Improper Stopping in the Roadway.
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    Unfortunately its not always the drivers that are pulled over. We have a wonderful officer on my squad who makes traffic stops in the middle of I66........yes, SHE is the one that stops the cars in the MIDDLE of the road. And proceeds to conduct her stop there!!
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