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    03 cobra crank, block and rods +misc parts

    I have an 03 cobra block (has some casting on one of the cylinders from burning a piston, however the block is in good shape.

    700$ local pickup or shipping paid for by buyer (in Sherman Texas Area, would be willing to deliver up to 100 miles one way, every mile after $0.40 per mile.

    03 cobra connecting rods (one has some of the blown through casting by the wrist pin, but rods and bearings were in good shape when removed. obviously these are the factory manley rods. 500$ shipped.

    03 cobra crank, in good shape, no spun bearings or rebuilds etc. 650$ shipped.

    all parts have 60,000 miles on them but were well cared for. came out of my 10th anniversary sold recently to a member here <---check my seller rating

    I also have an single red billetflow idler assembly (single upper idler only) 100$ shipped, in good shape.

    I also have some slick and skinney wheels, slicks might have a pass or two left in them and the skinnies I wouldn't recommend as they aren't designed for high speed. I bought them this way, and never went through with ordering new tires for them. will ship all 4 with the wheel spacers for 500$ plus shipping or can also deliver those, same as block and everything else.

    I think that's all but I'll be going through my other parts later on to see if there is anything else left. PM me for more info, I accept paypal, cashiers checks, and cash. prices are pretty firm, would be willing to accept trades like 4 wheelers, older 600cc motorcycles in good shape, etc. I don't have a cobra, so don't offer cobra parts. also have a metco blower pulley removal tool, 100$ shipped.
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    500 for used rods possibly damaged?
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    Not being a dick man but you should probably research normal going rates for the parts your trying to sell man, your prices are almost double what they normaly sell for. Just fyi
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    thats a 200 dollar block at best since it needs machine work. glws

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    yall, I really don't give two shits about it. I just threw a price on them. I didn't say it was firm or anything. the rods are not damaged. they have been checked by a local machine shop.

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