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    TrackNGo Wheel-driven track system

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    The Kenne Bell 3.6 fits under a 2007 stockhood!!! (LINK)

    Quote Originally Posted by cluscher View Post
    Man, that is impressive. Your consistency is remarkable and those nearly identical slips while pedaling a big power manual car is something to be proud of....congrats!

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    That's pretty badass.
    Have a nice day.

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    They really put it though some paces.

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    When it enters full scale production I wonder what it will cost.

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    that is so awesome!
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    Pretty wicked. Would be entertaining to see someone strap on an AWD car to this system.

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    I need those for my FJ!
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    Quote Originally Posted by forcefedcobra View Post
    I need those for my FJ!
    This. Would love them on my Jeep...
    Quote Originally Posted by kanibus View Post
    Add me to that list. I'll cream her pink any day.

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