View Poll Results: Best sticky 295/35/18 radial tire

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  • BFG Drag

    15 10.64%
  • Nitto NT555r

    34 24.11%
  • Nitto NT555rII

    2 1.42%
  • Nitto NT05

    32 22.70%
  • Other

    58 41.13%
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    Best drag radial for the street?

    I need to use a tire thats in the 285-295 range. Preferrably 295/35/18. And want to match the tread pattern from front to back. So the tire chosen for the rear Must have a front tire in 245/40/18.

    Whats the best (stickiest) tire for the street? Don't care too much about mileage. I have ET Street 27" tall tires for the track so this is strictly for cruising in nice weather and some street racing and horsing around (in Mexico of course).

    They don't make R888's or MT's in the size I need.

    My options are from what I've found-
    BFG Drag radial 295/35
    Nitto NT555r 285/35
    Nitto NT555rII 285/35
    Nitto NT05 285/35
    Nitto NT05 295/35

    These will be going on my new TF wheels and on a Fox body so no room for anything bigger than 11.5"
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    Hoosier makes the best drag radial.

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    Mickey makes a 305/35-18, will outshine any of the tires you listed.

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    Love my MT 305/35/18s! Hook like CRAZY on the street at 600rwhp

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    Quote Originally Posted by oem View Post
    Mickey makes a 305/35-18, will outshine any of the tires you listed.
    I think those are too wide.

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    Mickeys FTW!
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    Sticky Mickeys
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    Nitto 555R FTW

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    I know Mickey Thompson drag radials are most likely the stickiest, cause I had them on my old set up. But the Mickey Thompsons at 305 would be too wide for my fox.
    I'm leaning towards the BFG Drag radials anyone have them?

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    If u don't decide to go with the mickeys , the NTO5R's nittos should be your second option
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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinov8 View Post
    If u don't decide to go with the mickeys , the NTO5R's nittos should be your second option
    They don't make an NT05r in a 285/295-35-18 or my first choice would have been NT05 front and NT05r rear.

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    Mickey's !! FTW
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacob517 View Post
    Mickey's !! FTW
    LOL. Wish they made them a little narrower.

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    I'm surprised the BFG drags arent getting more votes?

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    Gotta agree none of those options would be my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice. I would also see if they make an R888 that fits your size.

    For the record i love my M/T Et Street IIs.

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    loved my BFGs at the track but didnt last long on the street

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    I hate my Nitto 555DR's....

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    WOW! The poll has the Nitto's beating the BFG's. I've owned the Nitto's before and wasnt impressed with them. Does that mean the BFG's are worse?

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    I've really liked my Toyo TQ's sticky as hell but have not lasted to long.

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    MT ET Streets!! hold 700+ for me!! function > form. Buy rims around tires not the other way around, from my experience. You can always find a wheel that looks good with a tire that performs awesome!

    What rim size do you have?

    I'm running a 295/55 /15 28x12.5x15
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    +1 ^

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    the MT et street PRO is the absolute SHIT!!! Best drag radial made period.
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    Saw these today...looks interesting.
    ECSTA V710 - Kumho Tire USA, Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PushingSpokes View Post
    Saw these today...looks interesting.
    ECSTA V710 - Kumho Tire USA, Inc.
    unless your doing some road racing stay away from that tire!
    2003 Black Cobra coupe #6454

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    Topic was "best for the street". Even in "nice weather" you never know if you will get caught in the rain. The BFG and Nittos are the best on the street. Have you tried driving the Hoosiers or M/T's in the rain? I know people that have and it wasn't fun. I have had both the BFG's and Nitto's and they hook better then a radial and never had an issue on wet roads as long as they were not bald. My 9 second street car has been caught in the rain many times and I never worried about driving home.

    Now "best hooking" I like the Hoosiers. I have a set I run at the track only.

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