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    Should my wideband gauge behave like this at idle?

    I installed a slick wideband gauge from AEM a few months ago. It's the wideband failsafe gauge that not only can display the air fuel ratio, but also can display vac/boost on either the center OLED display or the color configurable outside LED ring using different faceplates.

    It is configurable using the included software and connects to a computer with a USB plug that you can mount anywhere in the car. I ran mine down the center console on the passenger side so I can hook it up to my junk tuning laptop in the passenger seat. In addition to displaying realtime data for not only AFR, boost/vac, and RPM on the laptop, the gauge itself has an onboard data logger that saves 3 hours worth of data for these 3 parameters.

    Right now, I have the gauge to show AFR on both the center display and the LED ring because I already have a boost gauge, although I could set it up to display both the vac/boost and AFR on either the center display in numerical format, or the LED ring.

    The gauge is great, but since I've never really seen it on a similar setup, I don't know what to compare it to. I know what my AFR should be during various driving conditions, such as at idle, driving, and under boost. But I'm unsure of how it should act. I know it should be around 14.7 at idle and light throttle cruising, but I don't know if it should fluctuate as much as it does.

    Right now, it will fluctuate between about 13.9 and 15.1 (ish) in 1-2 second cycles at idle and light throttle cruising. But when I put my foot in it, the AFR will stabilize at the correct amount. Coincidentally, my fuel pressure gauge fluctuates a bit at idle and cruising as well, but stabilizes when I hit the gas.

    Anyway, I put together a quick little video of what it looks like at idle. If you could give me your thoughts about whether this is behaving like it should be or not, that would be great.

    One last thing... Right now, I have my 02 sensor mounted in one of the rear bungs that would normally be used for the factory rear 02 sensors, which have been disabled in my tune.

    Here's the video:

    Does it look ok? Or should it not be fluctuating like that?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Its all good son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 19935.slow View Post
    Its all good son.

    What part of oh town are you at? If you ever need help working on your car, hit me up. I'm near dean & 408.

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    Looks perfect. Mine does the exact same..
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    Along these lines, what should the gauge be at while at cruising speeds?

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