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    Clutch issues Need Help

    I replaced my clutch with a CFM Unit. It was installed by a Ford service tech that i am distant friends with. Anyways about 15k miles later at a stop light i lose all ability to disengage the clutch. So to get it off the road i shut off the car and started it in first gear and was able to clutchless upshift home. Im not low on fluid but the master cylinder has been leaking. and the clutch is very difficult to push in. Any ideas? Any help is very much appreciated.
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    Clutch issues Need Help

    Hard to push , from the top or near the floor.

    I would start to replace the master , they are know to fail and leak on the floor mat.
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    feels like the fluid builds pressure and nothings moving. Replaced the master today and no luck. So now out with the tranny again.

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    sounds like a master.. takes about 20 min to swap
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