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    Turbo install questions

    I have the old PTK single turbo kit and I'm wondering
    what do you guys do with the turbo being so close
    to the stock fan will not fit..any suggestions
    will be appreciated..this is my first turbo build don't know
    if something is wrong or I have to be creative..
    thanks for any help in advance it's the old PTK kit with the
    custom sheet metal intake and the intercooler at the bottom
    seems in pictures the turbo mounts closer to the passenger side
    but with my kit seems like it's directly behind the radiator in the middle..
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    Its really really tight with my hellion single but it all fits. Im not sure about the PTK kit though.

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    Yea. Mines a mmr hotside and the stock stuff fits. Just had to extend two of the wires for the fan. I'm sure a slim fan from jegs or wherever will clear some room in there.

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    Take a look at my thread. I have a hellion single, but it might help you.
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    I trimmed my fan shroud a bunch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MTBSully View Post
    I trimmed my fan shroud a bunch.
    this and tilt it forward.
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    Yea. Same here. But didn't tilt mine forward. Would like to though.

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    Trimmed away about 1/3 of the fan shroud where the Turbo is. I have the on3 kit with a 76mm. Found that a 1/2" spacer in between the flange and the Turbo moved it up and back enough for nice clearance, but I had already trimmed fan, so I didn't go that route.

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