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Project Goldmember Steps Into the 9's!!!

Discussion in '2015+ S550 Mustang Talk' started by black03, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Jul 4, 2002
    For those of you who have been following along with our 2018 project car "Goldmember" we're super happy to announce that we broke into the 9 second zone yesterday.

    Previous to yesterday our best time to date was a [email protected] This was on the Whipple Stage 2 complete kit with their calibration on 93 octane along with some octane booster.

    Yes. Low 10's on a 50 state legal system. :headbang::headbang:
    This was done down here in FL in our extremely warm and humid conditions so I'm sure with some better weather we'd be able to get it down some but we're happy with the results we got.

    Once we finished testing the complete stage 2 kit with the Whipple cal it was time to make the switch to E85 and have our tuners at Lund Racing work their magic on it.

    So we headed over to Power by the Hour where Jake and crew installed some Injector Dynamics ID1300x's, 3.625" pulley and a JMS Fuelmax pump voltage booster. Since the car already had a fuel pump upgrade from the stage 2 kit there was no need to do anything else with the pump.

    After the parts were installed the car was strapped to the dyno for "Grill Master " Jon Lund II to do his thing. A few pulls and some datalogging with tune revisions we got the go ahead that the car was ready. Unfortunately we didn't get any solid HP numbers from the dyno as it wasn't reading correctly. However the datalogs looked great which is all that really matters.

    A little info on our driver. Owner and CEO of Lethal Performance Jared just started driving for us. All of our cars previous to this were manuals and were driven by our good friend Jeremy Martorella. Jared had never been 10's until last week when he ran the car with the Whipple cal and now had 9's as his next goal.

    It was a hot and humid morning at Palm Beach International Raceway which is to be expected in July down here in South Florida. We unloaded the car and made our first pass of the day which yielded us a [email protected] So close to that first 9 second pass. Cooled the car down and made another attempt this time remembering to datalog the car. [email protected] with a 1.54 60ft time.

    Jared's first 9 second pass!!!!

    After Jon Lund II reviewed the datalog he fired back a tune revision which we flashed the car with using the Lund Racing Ngauge.

    The next hit Jared was able to crack off a [email protected] run.

    That was the last pass of the day as the rain started moving in.

    All in all it was an awesome day of racing at PBIR and getting to see what this Whipple Gen 5 3.0L is capable of.

    For those interested here's the mod list.
    Whipple Stage 2 Gen 5 3.0L Whipple kit (Prototype kit)
    3.625" pulley which made 11.60psi
    Driveshaft Shop 2000hp axles and DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
    Injector Dynamics ID1300x Injectors
    JMS Fuelmax fuel pump voltage booster
    Custom Tuned by Lund Racing using the LR Ngauge
    Kooks 1-7/8" Longtubes with offroad legs
    Lethal Performance Resonator Delete and Race Series Axleback
    BMR Bread and Butter Suspension Package exclusively sold here at Lethal
    BMR Magneride lowering springs
    UPR Catch Can
    Racestar Recluse Wheels with Hoosier 28" slicks out back
    Boundary Oil Pump Gears and Crank Sprocket

    Videos to follow shortly.

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