Feature: Wrecked Shelby GT500 Resurrected

From Ashes to Glory

One SVTP Member’s quest to rebuild a legend.

By SID297

Few things automotive related are sadder than seeing a once great vehicle resigned to life of near DD-level mediocrity after a minor fender-bender.  That was situation in which SVTP Member Mike93SVT found his project 2010 Shelby GT500 Mustang.  Not satisfied to see a such potential wasted Mike bough the car and began the painstaking process of resto-modding the SVT to better than new condition.

Mike isn’t stopping at simply repairing the botched fix from the front-end impact the car had suffered at the hands of its previous owner.  He is making this project a full-on  build; complete with suspension mods, cams, a ported blower, and upgraded heat exchanger.  Click the link below to follow Mike’s progress:

Click Here for Full Build Thread  


Child labor or good parenting? Sometimes small hands can help a job go faster.
Here looking something like the victim of a sand storm, this project may have overwhelmed some. To Mike’s credit pushed forward and has made impressive progress.
There’s a lot of extra room under the when you don’t have things like wiring harnesses and fuse boxes cluttering things up.


Porting the factor supercharger will likely help the car pick up a few horsepower. Unfortunately, this beautiful work will be hidden once everything buttoned up.

Click Here for Full Build Thread






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