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VMP | Destroying High IATs in the 2020+ Shelby GT500 Mustang

The 2020+ Shelby GT500 Mustangs are a marvel of modern V8 performance. It’s 2650 TVS Supercharged 5.2L Predator engine cranks out impressive power while still being completely docile during every day around-town driving. However, when you lay your foot into the skinny pedal you better be ready to go for a tide. This is especially true if you happen to be on a road course. But that’s also where you’ll find one of the GT500’s weaknesses.

Spinning that blower hard enough to create the boost needed to produce 760HP creates a lot of heat. Elevated intake air temperatures leads power loss, it’s just a fact of hot rodding. Unfortunately, the GT500’s intercooling system can quickly be overwhelmed in prolonged WOT situations. It can be easily see in datalogs from dyno sessions or hot-lapping at the strip. However, that’s where the guys at VMP Performance come into play. Click Here to Continue Reading...
4-Digit HP | VMP 3100 TVS Superchargers for Coyote and GT500

We’ve known this was coming for over a year, but that passage of time hasn’t seemed to reduce the fevered interest in the forthcoming slate of TVS 3100 based superchargers. Of the manufacturers that will be releasing kits based on the 3100 rotor pack, VMP Performance has to be the one garnering the most interest. We’ve heard talk of VMP 3100 blower head units testing out in the wild for some time now, but we recently got a chance to check out a couple such setups at VMP’s HQ in FL.

The two engines in question are heavy hitters in the field of modern Ford performance mills, a 5.0L Coyote and a 5.8L Trinity. The Coyote was instrumented up for testing. On top of several pressure sensors located throughout various sections of the intake tract, VMP placed one very interesting sensor near the blower pulley. Click Here to Continue Reading...
VMP Product Development | Stage 3 Odin 2650 TVS Supercharger & Ice Tank

Few things get my inner scientist going like seeing practical engineering advancements being tested, and the crew at VMP Performance do that on the daily. We recently stopped by and found them working away on several projects that will soon be coming to a Mustang near you. One car on the scene that should be familiar to anyone in the Coyote Performance World is VMP’s own Chuck Harter’s 2019 10R80 equipped Mustang GT. It has been a VMP Odin blower test car since the program began, and they are far from finished with it.

As it sits, Chuck’s car is not sporting VMP’s latest Stage 3 Odin 2650 TVS Supercharger featuring Magnuson’s DFT port design. Magnuson is VMP’s manufacturing partner for the Odin line of blowers, and they bring over 60 years of supercharger design experience to the table. The VMP/Magnuson team has been producing some of the most impressive Mustang blower kits in recent memory and there’s a lot more on the way. If you’re interested in seeing inside a VMP Stage 3 Odin 2650 take a look at this vid: Click Here to Continue Reading...
Ford's 7.3L Godzilla V8 Gets American Racing Headers

We’ve been saying it for years; the holy trinity of bolt-on mods consists of intake, tune, and exhaust. With Ford getting better and better at designing high-flow/low-restriction intakes that gulp in cool outside air, aftermarket CAIs have become less of a necessity. However, there’s still plenty of performance to be found by feeding the ECU a new calibration and few things personalize a ride quite like a new exhaust. But if you really want to liven things up on the back end, few ways do it with more style than a quality set of long tube headers.

This particular set brings us back out to 5 Star Tuning in Florence, SC; and quite possibly the most viewed 2020 7.3L Super Duty in the interwebs. Josh’s Godzilla truck has been featured so many times on the site that I have a hard time keeping up with what exactly we’ve covered. But today we’re testing out a set of American Racing Headers on the truck in tuned N/A form. You may be asking yourself, “where’s the Procharger?” We actually did this testing before the blower install (the truck got the stock exhaust system reinstalled for that), and we’ll be following this story up with a boosted version in a few weeks. Click Here to Continue Reading...
2020 Explorer ST Gets Modded – Borla Exhaust and 5 Star Tuning

A few weeks back we were passing through Florence, SC on our way to I-95 and decided to drop in and see what was going on at 5 Star Tuning. They happened to have a new project that we’re really looking forward to getting more coverage on in the future, a white 2020 Ford Explorer ST. They had already been hard at work developing some 93 octane and EtOH tuning (currently making over 411 AWHP and 525+ AWTQ with just a tune and E-50), but what really caught our eye was the freshly installed Borla Cat-back Exhaust.

Boral was one of the first companies to release an exhaust system for the latest generation of Explorer SUVs, and with good reason. Borla has long been the Tier 1 supplier of aftermarket exhausts for Ford Performance Racing Parts (Ford Racing). Many of the coveted FRPP Catbacks for SVTs were made by none other than Borla. Needless to say, they are familiar with performance Fords. Click Here to Continue Reading...
First Supercharged 7.3L Godzilla V8 | Procharger and 5 Star Tuning Crank Up The Power

At long last, the day we have been waiting for is finally here. You can now own a supercharged 7.3L Godzilla V8 Powered Ford. The first to market with a kit for Ford’s latest Super Duty engine is an established player in the industry, Procharger. They’ve been setting records on the strip for decades, and now they are setting their sights on the highly competitive heavy duty truck market. However, this is not Procharger’s first time building a kit for the Super Duty. They produced a 6.8L V10 kit nearly a decade ago.

This time around, Procharger is working with a completely different beast. The new 7.3L Godzilla V8 has already proven itself to have massive power production capabilities in stock form. We’ve seen gains of 38.6HP and 51.5TQ with just American Racing Headers and a 5 Star Tuning 93 Octane calibration. Ford has designed an engine with a truly impressive set of cylinder heads; that not only are capable of flowing a massive volume of air, but also have an extremely efficient combustion chamber. I have a feeling that very few enthusiast understand just how good the Godzilla heads really are. Click Here to Continue Reading...
Install Video | 7.3 V8 Godzilla Powered F-250 Tremor Gets an MBRP Exhaust

One of the most basic mods everyone seems to tackle first is an exhaust upgrade, and with good reason. A more aggressive tone gives a ride more personality, and when your brand-new truck is equipped with an engine known as Godzilla you know you’re going to want to let it roar. We recently dropped in on the guys at 5 Star Tuning in Florence, SC just in time to catch them buttoning up the install of a slick new MBRP Cat-Back on a 7.3L Godzilla V8 powered 2020 F-250 Tremor.

This truck no only looked great, it was about to get an exhaust sound to match. The MBRP kit is precisely constructed from high quality stainless steel, and has impeccable fit and finish. The muffler is a straight through ‘bullet’ design that will certainly liven things up compared to the factory equipped chambered design backed up by a pile of resonators. The install process is straight forward as you would expect, and the results speak for themselves. Check out the vid below: Click Here to Continue Reading...
Install | EcoBoost S550 Mustang Gets a Ford Racing Strut Tower Brace

I was looking through some old vids the other day and noticed I hadn’t posted this one yet. A few years back Ford Performance Racing Parts (FRPP at the time) sent over their S550 Mustang Strut Tower Brace kit for me to bolt on our project EcoBoost Mustang. They only had the part number listed as fitting the V8 cars, and wanted someone in the field to try adding it to a 4-Banger. I was more than happy to oblige.

Interestingly, it doesn’t appear that I took any pics of the install. All I have are a handful of screen-caps from the video footage. But after bolting it on and letting the guys at Ford know it fit, I never really followed up to see if they did anything else with it. In any event, here is the install video. It’s pretty straight forward, and I’d say it definitely improves the underhood looks: Click Here to Continue Reading...
More EGR Coolers for Ford EcoBoost Engines

A few months back we took a look under the hood of the 2019 Ford Ranger and found something that appeared to be a bit out of place. It appears that Ford Engineers found that the mid-size truck’s 2.3L EcoBoost engine required an EGR Cooler in order to meet modern emissions regulations. Turns out that EGR Coolers are finding their way onto all sorts of new Ford engines.

Recently, we were taking a look at a 2020 F-150 equipped with the 2.7L EcoBoost and tuned by 5-Star tuning. While it was an awesome little ride, we couldn’t help but notice that Ford had snuck an EGR Cooler under the hood. It appears that these direct-injected turbo engines may be a bit dirtier than their “Eco” name would lead you to believe. Considering that the dead-nuts simple 7.3L gas V8 gets by without the need for EGR at all (yes, I know emissions regs vary based on GVRW). Click Here to Continue Reading...
Heavy Metal | F-350 Super Duty Odyssey Battery Install

Sooner or later, the unending march of time is going to kill your factory flooded-cell batteries. Sure, you can prolong their life with proper storage and maintenance techniques; but in the end time always wins. That was the issue I found myself facing a few years back with the factory Motorcraft batteries in my 6.4L Powerstroke equipped 2009 F-350. After ~7 years of used the originals were showing the “Red Dot of Death”. All-in-all, they lived a good life. It’s hard to ask for more than service life they provided, but it was time for an upgrade.

Over years of motorsports and off-road/marine experience I’ve come to trust the Odyssey brand of AGM batteries. They can be somewhat expensive; but they deliver massive cranking amps, deep draw capabilities, can last over a decade, and are tougher than a $2 steak. I’ve been using one of their power sports batteries for well over 10 years in a Jet-ski and it has never let me down. So picking up a set of Odyssey AGMs for my Super Duty was a no-brainer. Click Here to Continue Reading...
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