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Tech: Catastrophic Engine Failure Suck

Maximum Carnage

Ever wished you had just stayed home?

By SID297

Oh man, it’s never a good feeling; but if you push the limits enough you’re basically guaranteed to find them.  Not much can ruin your day quicker than hearing a gut-wrenching boom emanate from under your hood.  Engine carnage pics are the topic du jour on SVTP, and some of the posts are truly horrifying.

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Video: JLT Performance Steps Up Content Creation

Moving Pictures

JLT featurettes show off products.

By SID297

When you have a great product you want the world to know about it, and JLT has a lot of great products.  JLT Performance is a long time SVTP vendor and has really become the go-to choice for Cold Air Intakes among a large swath of the Ford Performance community.  Much of their success can be traced back to their superb products and excellent customer service.
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News: The 2018 Mustang Has Arrived

GT Drop

Direct Injection, 10R80, MagneRide, & New Styling.

By Evan Smith

Photography courtesy of Ford

Ford’s S550 2015 was a hit right out of the gate, but Mustang owners are always asking “what’s coming next?” Well, today is the day as Ford introduces the latest Mustang, which the Detroit automaker calls, the world’s best-selling sports coupe and the company’s most advanced Mustang ever. It seems to be inspired by the GT350, with a lower and sleeker nose, more naturally aspirated power with quad-exhaust, and Shelby suspension technology.

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Leaked – The Revised 2018 Mustang

Polarizing Particulars

New Mustang certainly makes a splash.

By SID297

Just a few hours ago SVTP Member StacyStangz posted up a leaked video and a couple screen captures of the newly redesigned 2018 Ford Mustang.  Interestingly, the reaction from the Mustang community has been largely negative.  I suspect it will look much better in person, but this is definitely not the response Ford wanted for the new version of their Pony car.  Not to mention the fact that since this video was leaked it is not supported with any accompanying information.

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Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 2

More Learn’n

New software makes posting easier.

By SID297

Recently we posted a couple videos demonstrating some of the awesome new features  of our freshly installed forum software.  Well we decided to not just stop with those first few tutorials, we’ve produced several others.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing several more how-to-use-the-forum videos.  However, today we have a couple more for you that will make using the forum much easier and more enjoyable.

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