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Tech: Hurst Shifter Handle for Auto Mustangs

Classic Touch

Adding old-school style to your 6R80 shifter.

By SID297

The shift lever on an automatic Stang is an often forgotten piece of interior equipment.  I can count on one hand how many non-racecars a year I see with an aftermarket shift on an auto trans.  Hurst looked at that dearth in the market and saw an opportunity.  They have developed a dress-up replacement for the stock auto shift lever for the 2015-2017 6R60 equipped Mustangs in the form of their classically styled pistol grip handler.

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Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 1

Major Upgrades

SVTP gets a ton of new features.

By SID297

Over the past month or so we have been working on some major software updates to the forums.  Some of them are behind the scenes and are invisible to the end user.  However, the major change we made was to the type of forum software we used.  The new site still has a familiar look and layout, but there is a plethora of new features that makes forum use much simpler.  And just to help everyone get up to speed we’ve created a series of tutorial videos demonstrating their use.

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Hybrid Mustang Coming in 2020

Electrifying Developments

Possibly the biggest change ever to the Mustang formula.

By SID297

Are you guys ready for this? Ford announced today that the Mustang will be getting a hybid powertrain option added for the 2020 model year. Details are still coming out, but it will be interesting to see Ford is promising that it will deliver V8 power. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have a V8 engine though.

The engine bay of the Mustang could soon look very similar to that of the Hybrid Ford Fusion Energi.

Still, there’s a very good chance that Ford could take a similar approach as some of the global super-car manufactures and use the hybrid’s electric motor to increase the overall performance of the car. This could be a huge performance boon if combined with an optimized turbocharged engine. By using an electric motor’s ability to produce 100% of its torque output at 1 RPM you could potentially install a larger than typical turbo on an engine and use the electric motor to make up for low end turbo lag…

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Project Crowdmower: Ford Chassis, Nissan Trans, And Chevy Engine

Mass Hysteria

Soon to be leaving a car show near you.

By SID297

You wanna turn some heads or make some traditionalists lose their minds?  Well there’s few better ways to do that than install a Chevy LS-Motor into your Mustang.  That’s exactly what SVTP Member laextreme5 (“Cody”) is doing with his New-Edge 2002 Ford Mustang GT, but he’s taking things one step further.  He’s also installing a CD009 transmission from a 2006+ Nissan 350Z.  Say what?

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Tech: Paul’s 2011 Coyote Build Thread

Customized Coyote

Because modified is better than stock.

By SID297

Few things are more satisfying for a gearhead than that feeling of success you get when standing back and gazing upon your recently completed build.  That’s just the sensation SVTP Member Paul. experienced after the long construction project that is his 2011 5.0L-Powered Mustang GT.  What started as a fairly typical loaded Premium GT was transformed into a customized ride an owner can be proud of.

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