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Feature: SVTP’s Project Triple Threat For Sale

All Good Things

Our journey with Project Triple Threat comes to an end, but yours may just be beginning.

By SID297

Premium ‘Triple Yellow’ Whipple Supercharged 5.0L with just 1,650 miles and over $20k worth of extras! — “Great build with a great price!”

As always happens with these builds, SVTP’s Project Triple Threat has come to an end. With new performance vehicles from Ford on the horizon it’s time for us to make some room in the garage. PTT has always been garage kept and has lived a pampered life. The OEM plastic is still on the carpet. The vinyl wrap has changed a few times. I will post a separate reply with pics as she sits right now.

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Tech: GT350 Audio Upgrade

Size Matters

OEMRadio’s audio system rids the Track Pack cars of their anemic 4″ screens.

By Tob

Jesse from OEMRadio ([email protected]) is providing a solution for the rather weak factory four inch screen/”entertainment” system. Stock is woefully inadequate at best as much as many rationalize that they don’t listen to the radio anyway. IMHO, a great performing pony car doesn’t have to be a one dimensional experience. A 14hr jaunt to Georgia affirmed my own discontent after growing weary from squinting at my cell phone for navigation purposes. The 4″ system would be right at home in a Mustang GT, circa 1993, but not on 2016 GT350.

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News : Ford Temporarily Idling Four Assembly Plants

 Business Matters

Is halting production a smart business move or a sign of troubled times ahead

By SID297

According to The Detroit News, Ford will be shutting down the following plants for a week so later in the month:

  • Kansas City, MO – One of two facilities that produces the F-150 – The Transit line will continue operating as normal
  • Louisville, KY – Escape and Lincoln MKC
  • Hermosillo Mexico – Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
  • Cuautitlan Mexico – Fiesta

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Tech: 2015 Mustang Whipple Preview

Prototype Power

A look at Whipple’s forthcoming supercharger for the 2015 Mustang GT

By SID297
Photos by StacyStangz

If you happened to stop by the SVTPerformance display at Mustang Week 2014 you probably know that we were the one-stop-shop for 2015 Mustang goodness at the show. Not only did we have the only S550 on display (Not an easy thing to pull off, BTW…) we also happened to have the little gem pictured here, Whipple Superchargers’ prototype 2015 Mustang GT Blower.
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Tech: Ford Racing S197 Suspension

Package Deal

Installing and testing Ford Racing’s FR3 suspension on the SVTP GT—at the track!

By SID297
Photos by StacyStangz

If you haven’t been following the progress of the SVTP GT, it’s 5.0 is topped by a 2.3-liter TVS-based Magnuson supercharger system that—with the help of a custom cold-air intake—produced 576 rear-wheel horsepower with a measly 7 pounds of boost. Since it makes plenty of power, we shifted our focus to improving its handling. That’s where our good friends at Ford Racing Performance Parts came in.
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