Slick | Ford Bronco Raptor Gets Cilajet Ceramic Coating at Gorno Ford
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Nearly two months ago I posted a thread looking for advice on ceramic coating for my then soon-to-be-purchased Ford Bronco Raptor. The detailing gurus on SVTP gave solid advice, and I appreciated their input. However, I wasn’t looking for the typical car show level of ceramic shine. I just wanted bug guts and dirt to come off the BRaptor more easily. Since time was of the essence (I needed to drive 800 miles the next two days) and the price was reasonable ($1500) I decided to give the detailing crew at Gorno Ford a shot. I was not disappointed.

They got the BRaptor in the wash bay early in the morning, and for the next few hours a crew of guys got to work on my new ride. They were super friendly and as you can see from above, invited me to film the process. They used ceramic products from the Cilajet line. This was not a quick process, and they took their time to make sure everything was properly applied. I was super happy to see the attention to detail they showed my new...
Install/Review | Livernois Exhaust & Flex-Fuel Tune | 2021+ Coyote F-150
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The more things change, the more they stay the same. At its most basic an internal combustion engine is essentially an air pump, and reducing restrictions in that pump tends to increase efficiency. In our case, we’re looking for more horsepower from a 2021 5.0L Coyote Powered F-150 and we’re installing some tried and true mods to get there.

The subject vehicle of this install belongs to Andy at Livernois Motorsports, and is currently his daily driver. Being a regular-cab short-bed 4x4 makes it a pretty hot commodity these days. I know more than a handful of former S550 owners who have traded in there steeds for such a truck, typically with some boost added in for good measure. That has become a bit more difficult with the encryption of the ECU on the 2021+ F-150s, but Livernois has that covered. When it comes to locked-ECU tuning, Livernois has the keys to the castle.


I'd say there's a noticeable difference between the stock piece...
Tremec TXK 5-Speed Manual Transmission | Quick Look
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It’s a sad realization that hand-shaker enthusiasts are a dying breed. Manual transmission options on new cars have been steadily disappearing for years now. However, for those who love to row our own gears there are a few bright spots on the horizon. An obvious one is Ford’s acknowledgement of the overwhelming support the buying community has displayed for the manual-trans equipped Bronco, so much so that they are considering offering it more broadly across the package lineup. And second, we’re seeing several new aftermarket manual transmission replacement options hitting the market.

A few years back Tremec made their TR-4050 5-Speed manual truck transmission, previously an OEM option on Ford Super Duty trucks in South America, available to builders in the US. Jay Leno was one of the first to snag one, as he installed it in his custom Predator-Powered 1968 Ford Bronco. However, Tremec wasn’t going to stop with just the trucks. They recently released their all new TKX 5-Speed...
MGW Shifter's Cobra Kit Car Maintenance | 427 SBF Wrenching Action
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Sometimes you just need to get out in the garage and turn some wrenches with a couple friends. I consider it therapy for car guys. We all deal with the stresses of day-to-day life differently, but for me the calming effect of some basic automotive maintenance can’t be beat. Now if you really want to kick it up a notch, add a 427 cube SBF powered Cobra kit car to the mix.

Recently, I was passing through the Augusta, GA area and made a stop by MGW Shifters. George and long time mutual friend Rich were there going over George’s newly delivered Cobra kit car (I don’t remember the particular make). We wanted to knock out a basic oil change and make sure all the suspension hardware is properly torqued. This is a hand built custom car, and no one wants to find out some random bolt is loose while airing it out in a tight curve in a car with a 90-inch wheelbase.


These cars are surprisingly simple, these homemade wheel chocks probably cost a...
2022 F-150 Lightning EV | Driving Impressions & First Look | Game Changer
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Ford is moving full steam ahead with its plans for vehicle electrification. The Blue Oval’s modern EV era kicked off last year with the launch of the Mach-E SUV. It was a ground up design that Ford poured untold millions of development dollars into. However; when it came time to pivot to Ford’s bread-and-butter market segment, full-size trucks, the crew in Dearborn took a different approach. They took the already stellar 2021+ F-150 cab, tweeked it a bit around the edges, and bolted it all to a unique EV chassis.

The result is the all-new 2022 F-150 Lightning. I know many of the SVTP faithful may not be thrilled with this latest application of the legendary Lightning nameplate, but I’m going to ask you to put those feelings aside and come at this one with an open mind. This Lightning packs a 131kWh battery pack, dual motors with a locking rear differential, 580HP & 775TQ, and 330 miles of available of range. Those specs barely scratch the surface...
Welcome to The ROCK | 2022 NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals from Rockingham, NC
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Tucked away in a quiet corner of rural North Carolina sits two historic motorsports complexes that are both finding new life in 2022. Situated on either side of US Highway 1 is Rockingham Speedway, which is a 1 mile oval opened in 1965 and home to some of the greatest stock car racing in history, and opposite it is Rockingham Dragway. While the Speedway saw its last NASCAR Cup race in 2004, renewed interest and a multi-million dollar injection of stimulus money has it on track to see major racing events return in the near future. However, the drag strip across the road has been continuously operating since 1970 and has a schedule full of new racing events on deck in 2022.

Over the next several weeks The Rock will play host to Street Car Takeover, Modern Street Hemi Shootout, NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, NHRA National Open, and even Donk Racing Donkapalooza. However, we’re on site this weekend for the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals. That race is traditionally held at Atlanta...
Road-Test/Review | 2021 Explorer King Ranch | Giddy Up
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Western chic gives way to urban panache. When I think of Ford’s King Ranch trim level my mind instantly goes to a Charcoal Blue Metallic Crew-Cab PN-96 F-150. That truck introduced many to the King Ranch brand, and the unique and beautiful Castano saddle leather that covered the seats. The look, feel, and smell of that era of King Ranch interior was completely unique in the automotive world. Unfortunately; far too few buyers took to time to read the literature that accompanied their new purchase, where they would have learned the unique care procedures required to maintain those fantastic saddle leather seats. You’re going to need to invest in products like these (not necessarily SVTP recommendations) ...
2021 Bronco Outer Banks Heads to the Beach | Full On/Off-Road Review
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Let me put this right out there from the start, I have been more interested in getting some time behind the wheel of the new Bronco than any new Ford of the past several years. I’m genetically predisposed to an attraction to truck-based off-road ready SUVs like Bronco, especially the two-door variety. I’ve had a number of them over the years and I’m more than ready to have another long-term one in my life. That being said, I came into this encounter with no particular expectations. These are my unbiased thoughts, and my conclusion is simply this: the Bronco is good with the potential to be great.

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the importance the mere existence of the Bronco means to the enthusiast community. In a time of tightening mileage regulations, EV mandates, and hyper political correctness; Ford gave us a decently powerful body-on-frame SUV with a legit manual transmission option. That has to be commended. Sure, we’d all like to see V8 option (is there a business...
Quick Look & Dyno Numbers | 2022 Ford Maverick | 5 Star Tuning
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The All-New 2022 Ford Maverick has been somewhat polarizing in the online performance community. Some see it’s small’ish size and payload capacity as a hindrance to performing truck-like duties. Other’s see the base hybrid powertrain and impressive MPG rating (42 city/33 hwy/37 combined) as major highpoints for any truck. I think everyone can agree that the impressively low base price ($19,995) is something to take notice of. However, if you’re on SVTP you’re probably interested in wringing our all the performance you can from the optional 2.0L EcoBoost power-plant.

On a recent trip through Florence, SC we stopped by 5 Star Tuning for a visit and happened to catch them working on a new performance calibration for their 2022 Maverick R&D vehicle. Since time was short and the mini-truck was still strapped to the rollers, we didn’t have time to get it out on the street and give their work a proper test. However, they report that the preliminary numbers (this isn’t the final version...
Pro-Dyno Shop Tour | Where Horsepower is Made in The Carolinas
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If you guys have spent any time at all on SVTP over the years, you know that Pro-Dyno in Fort Mill, SC is one of the few shops I recommend for high-performance Ford work on a regular basis. We’ve been using Pro-Dyno for installs and tuning on projects for years, and for good reason. They do excellent work at a fair price. Not only that, but Dan and Paul know how to make a customer feel welcome and make them a part of the building experience. Customer service goes a long way in my book, and I’ve never left Pro-Dyno feeling disappointed.

It just so happened that a few weeks back I was near the SC/NC boarder, so I decided to drop by Pro-Dyno for a little visit. What I saw was exactly what I’ve come to expect from this shop. Dan was busy on the dyno with a Procharger equipped Shelby GT350 Mustang, and Paul was putting together a Whipple’s Coyote-Swapped SN-95 in the shop. That’s not even mentioning the other projects that the other techs were cranking away on. A custom stretched F-100...
Whipple Superchargers NMRA World Finals | Holley Intergalactic Ford Fest 2021 Recap/Review
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It's no secret that the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, KY has long been one of my favorite events to attend. It's the bookend of a fantastic season of late model Ford racing action. The weather is typically a little cooler and the stakes are a little higher, so you see teams turning up the dial on their setups just a bit to get every last drop of performance out of their rig. Oftentimes, the result is the difference between taking home a championship and loading up a broken car.

Due to life getting in the way, it had been a couple years since I had personally made the trek out to BG. In that time NMRA had partnered with Holley to make this event truly something special. Now known as the Whipple Superchargers NMRA World Finals & Holley Intergalactic Ford Fest, it is easily one of the largest Ford'centric racing events in existence. Holley coming on board has made an already great event even better.

NMRA always offers great...
Tool Box Tour | Paul Conner @ Pro-Dyno | Matco Awesomeness
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Tool Box Tour | Paul Conner @ Pro-Dyno | Matco Awesomeness

You can tell a lot about a mechanic’s work by the manner in which he keeps his toolbox. If it’s neat and orderly there’s a good chance that any work he does on your vehicle will be performed in the same manner. If it’s a mess, well that’s a different story. It’s all a matter of pride. A man who has pride in the tools of his trade will generally have pride in his work. That’s just one of the little things I notice when visiting shops, and in all my travels there’s one Ford mechanic that always stood out to me a man who personifies that trope.

Paul Conner has been the head technician at Pro-Dyno in Fort Mill, SC for as long as I can remember. He’s turned wrenches on several of my vehicles over the years and the work has always been exemplary. I’ve also always been a bit...
Shop Tour | We Visit VMP Performance
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A trip to FL wouldn't be complete without dropping in to visit the crew over at VMP Performance. Justin and the team are always working on new parts (in various stages of development) to help members of the Ford Powered Community get the performance advantage they are looking for. This time we thought it would be fun to give you guys a full facility tour.

I know not everyone can easily make the trip to check out their favorite shops/manufacturers in person, so we here at SVTP are going to try to do that for you. Over the next few months we will be releasing a several new Shop Tour videos. Please subscribe to our SVTPerformance YouTube Channel so you don't miss out on any of the content.
7.3L Godzilla Swapped S-197 Mustang Drag Car | What's Not To Love???
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7.3L Godzilla Swapped S-197 Mustang Drag Car | What's Not To Love???

We all knew it was just a matter of time. The 7.3L Godzilla is the forbidden fruit of modern cubic inches that many in the Ford community have been lusting for since the last 385 Series rolled off the lines in the late 90’s. Sure; there was the Modular V10, but the exterior dimensions and weight of that engine precluded it ever being anything beyond a novelty in a vehicle that wasn’t truck based. Conversely, the 7.3L V8 is compact and relatively lightweight. Side-by-side, a Coyote based V8 appears physically massive next to a ‘Zilla. That means Godzilla may develop into a very popular swap consideration.

Still, for every new venture you’re going to need a few trail-blazers to clear the hurdles and illuminate the challenges for everyone else. That’s...
This Thing Just Keeps Getting Better | 2020 Ford Ranger FX4 Review
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This Thing Just Keeps Getting Better | 2020 Ford Ranger FX4 Review

I have to admit, the more I drive the Ford Ranger the more I like it. The Ranger is currently Ford’s smallest pickup truck (keep an eye out for the upcoming Maverick), and it excellently combines throwback style ride and handling with modern safety and convenience. A bit over a year ago we had the opportunity to spend a week with a Sport Appearance Pack equipped Ranger Lariat, and we really enjoyed our time with it. Fast forward ~13 months and we were once again placed behind the wheel of 2020 Ranger FX4, but this time we got to let it flex its off road abilities quite a bit more.

First, I have to say that every positive aspect we noted in our previous Ranger review has only improved. The Ranger is one of those vehicles where the more time you’re given to...
Strong Start | Lethal Performance’s 1st Annual Car Show/Meet Draws Impressive Crowd
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Strong Start | Lethal Performance’s 1st Annual Car Show/Meet Draws Impressive Crowd

First year car events can always be a crap-shoot, but when you throw in December weather and a global pandemic things can get even more dicey. However, the crew at Lethal Performance and their loyal customers weren’t going to let anything stand in their way of having a good time. By any measure, Lethal’s 1st Annual Car Show/Meet was a resounding success. And for a company that is synonymous with modern Ford performance vehicle parts, that was to be expected.

Rough estimates have the car count at around 130, but I think that count may be a little low as cars were in and out all day. Attendees were treated to some of the finest modded Fords in South Florida and dietary support from the Chick-fil-A food truck...
A Look Back at Something to Look Forward To | ModNats 2019
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A Look Back at Something to Look Forward To | ModNats 2019

In a world of uncertainty and canceled events, it’s nice to look back at a race that weekend from a few months back and look forward to the future. Mod Nationals 2019 was an amazing event, even though it kicked off with a rainy start. It was a gathering of like-minded Ford fanatics, fast cars, and some of the best vendors the aftermarket has to offer.

So what makes Mod Nats different? First, it feels like a much tighter group of racers. There’s a very real sense of comradery in the pits. We saw more than one racer helping a competitor fix his broken car to get back out on the track. You really don’t see that everywhere. The payouts for winning a class also tends to be higher at ModNats than we typically see elsewhere. Running a lean operation allows the organizers to...
SVTP Drives a Tuned 7.3L 2020 F-250 | HP-Tuners & 5 Star Tuning
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SVTP Drives a Tuned 7.3L 2020 F-250 | HP-Tuners & 5 Star Tuning

The wait is finally over. The engine no one ever expected to see Ford building in the 2020s, the Brand-New 7.3L ‘Godzilla’ Pushrod V8, is finally making its way into the hands of the Super Duty buying public. And even better than that, the aftermarket is already hard at work making improvements. The usually suspects are already starting to crank out cold air intakes and exhaust system, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on something really special.

That fine folks at 5 Star Tuning in Florence, SC invited us out to take a look at and drive one of their 2020 Super Duty test trucks. This particular model was an STX F-250 4x4 equipped with the new 7.3L gas engine and 3.55 gears. More importantly, it had an early version of 5 Star’s yet-to-be-released 87-Octane...
Is it Time for Ford to Build a New F-650 Super CrewZer?
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Is it Time for Ford to Build a New F-650 Super CrewZer?

The American love affair with ever larger and more powerful trucks seems to be unending. While Sub-$3.00/Gallon gasoline hasn't led to Ford releasing a new Excursion (likely due to fear from the PR fallout), but there's another Mega-Sized Ford from the past that could easily see a reemergence. That would be the Ford F-650 Super Crewzer from circa-2002.

For those of you who may not remember, the turn of the century was a time of 250HP diesels and 4-Speed auto transmissions. If you wanted to tow something that tipped the scales beyond the capabilities of a 1-Ton Dually your options were fairly limited. Ford saw that gap in the market and seized the opportunity by building a 7-Ton monster.
Ate The Yellow Snow... Raptor Content...
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Ate The Yellow Snow... Raptor Content...

Winter is here, and there's no better way to enjoy some fresh powder than hitting the slopes in a new Ford F-150 Raptor. For one SVTP Member that means heading out to Lake Tahoe for some 4X4 Action in the snow. It looks like a great way to spend a cold afternoon.