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  1. Ray415
    Ray415 RRRCobraSC281
    Hey, I love the green coyote build that you did. I’m from the Bay Area also, San Francisco, would you be able to build me a notchback Termi swap smog legal? Just a motor swap and maybe IRS.
  2. trkfxer
  3. trkfxer
    trkfxer The Red Monster
    I am looking for cop conversion harness for 97 f150 I would believe it is the same as mustang do you sell them?
  4. Garry Faegenburg
    Garry Faegenburg SID297
    Hey dude, I was curious about sumpthin….I have a 2012 Shelby GT500 that came factory installed with the 5.8L Supercharger and have a documented Dyno run at 850HP on 100 Octane Racing Fuel. I was told somewhere along the line that the HP rating on my setup is the last of it' kind on the GT500 and only the Dodge Demon having a higher HP rating for a stock factory vehicle. Any truth to that rumor?
  5. RumRed
    If Anyone Anyone knows where to get 96 to 98 cobra svt hood vent inserts??? Please let me know!!! Other than Summit!!!!!
  6. RumRed
    Thanks for having me as part of the group!!!
  7. Guillermo M
    Guillermo M
    Any 99-01 cobra amber tailights for sale ? Just looking for the tailights
  8. Biggmikewv
    Biggmikewv TylerH2321
    Hey bro I'm interested in your car. Please send me your number
    1. TylerH2321
      Apr 21, 2019 at 1:13 PM
  9. 06Stallion
    06Stallion LethalBlake
    Hey buddy how much for the axle back only 13/14 gt500 Corsa Sport thanks not sure if this is how you private message first time using PM mode sorry.
  10. Joe Hirsch
    Joe Hirsch blwn89gt
  11. Dimes
    Dimes RRRCobraSC281
    Have a question about the abs did u run 94-95 abs and splice front and back to abs wiring ? Looked threw your post don’t see any write up on it . Thanks
  12. xangel6571
    xangel6571 thewrubelator
    How much for those stock terminator pistons & rods
  13. Joey8997
    Joey8997 whitedevil95
    I’m interested in your car and would like to know more about it
    1. whitedevil95
      I sent you a PM
      Apr 18, 2019 at 12:11 PM
  14. 408hatch
    408hatch whitedevil95
    hi I'm very interested your car
  15. "SHREDZ420"
    I am fairly new here so bear with me please I’m trying to figure out where I put the mod’z That have been done?
  16. "SHREDZ420"
    What’s new just about ready to get the coyote out of storage was looking for some advice On getting more HP
    OPENRUP svtl399
    Hello. Can I ask what you want for your Kenne Bell 2.4? Is it polished? Thanks
  18. Drag_radial
    Drag_radial SHIFTYBUSINESS
    hey man I noticed you had a short block built by mpr..I was just curious around about how much was the cost? just trying to weigh some options.
  19. DoubleD
    DoubleD usafimj

    Good vehicle choice as I enjoy tracking my 2012 Boss against BMWs @ AutoClub Roval in Fontana with Speed Ventures. I track it 3-5 times a year and take great pride in driving to/from the track while suffering no mechanical failures.

    Good luck with your upgrades. Send me an e-mail @ [email protected] if you would like and I can send you my build parts list.

    Dennis DiLucente
  20. Cobrajim07
    Cobrajim07 latinwrlord
    Hello any luck on the model or kit that snow methanol injection is? Thx jim