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  1. 11sec335i
    11sec335i BeckSVT
    hey man I saw you posted about your ported blower/tb/plenum. Can you send me pics to 3868016680? I live in Orlando, FL.
  2. 11sec335i
    11sec335i kallen
    hey man, I saw your post with the CCW, I live in orlando, FL if youre willing to ship we can work a deal. Also do you have any pics with them on the car? here is my cell 386-801-6680
  3. BlueCandyCane
    BlueCandyCane CT-7567
    Hi, I saw your Cobra for sale. IS this still for sale? My name is Paul
  4. SvtRyan
    Looking to purchase a set (kooks side pipes) for my 2013 Laguna seca. Please let me know if any available. I know they discontinued them.
  5. stanger8995
    stanger8995 lowranger96
    Id like to purchase a set of the ats caliper install kits if you are still selling them. Please email me if so.
    [email protected] Thanks man
  6. Kyle Schultz
    Kyle Schultz kingcobra9450
    Do you still have your car? How much you asking?
  7. Robin Lawrence
    Robin Lawrence Myfast70
    Are the suspension parts gone? I have Coyote parts or cash.
  8. 7snakes2coupes
    7snakes2coupes jps043
    Im in st. louis and would like to check out your 13 cobra for sale, can you give me a call, 636-219-8382
  9. rtford96
    rtford96 redrhino
    Hey man this is a long shot but if you could email me [email protected], I have a few questions about something I bought from you. It’s nothing bad I have no issues just couldn’t remember what you said. Thanks
  10. Jarrah
  11. Sterling Healan
    Sterling Healan Beercules
    Interested in the transmission bundle
  12. RodMan
    RodMan 99MustangGTman
    Hi, do you still have a 1:18 1986 Mustang GT in red available by chance?
    1. 99MustangGTman
      I do not, sorry.
      Oct 19, 2020 at 4:02 PM
  13. mhpony
    mhpony braindontstop31
    Very interested in your Cobra. You can send me your contact # or call me on 410-215-1803
  14. mhpony
    mhpony can04cobra
    Please give me your contact #
  15. Mark77
    Mark77 RCMPSVT
    Hey i saw a post you have a ported eaton. How do you like it? I am at 500rwhp and looking to get mine ported from steigiemeir. Do you have focus pumps to and what do they do ?
  16. mhpony
    mhpony bangbang04
    Mileage? Price? Please text pics to 410-215-1803
  17. mhpony
    mhpony can04cobra
    Very interested in your car. Mileage? Price? Please text pics and list of mods to 410-215-1803
  18. shogun1986
    shogun1986 fsxfreak1992
    Hallo, weiß jetzt nicht ob ich hier richtig bin. Bin durchaus an einer Facebook Gruppe interessiert.
  19. N3nd1to
    N3nd1to BigPoppa
    I've scoured the nets for information on swapping a 6r80 into my 07 Sport trac.
    As I am more of a step by step person, and a hobbyist, I was wondering if you could create a layman's list as a study guide for this particular type of swap. (6r60 to 80)
    I am also wondering if you have ever used a product such as this: https://www.usshift.com/6r80.shtml
    Thank you, any assistance would be appreciated.
  20. Miguel1026
    Miguel1026 jmatuszk
    Do you have pictures of the cobra you’re selling?