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  1. built02
    built02 denise082190
    Interested in cobra parts, also local,
    561 779 3478
  2. Ninjak
    Ninjak torchvert03
    Is this piece still available.
  3. sandman460
    sandman460 dajohu
    Good morning,

    Not sure if you'll get this message or not, but I'll give it a shot.

    I'm shopping for a GT500, and I think I found your old car. It's at McMullen Ford in Council Bluffs. Looks like it's gone through a couple owners since you. Anyway, if you don't mind, is there anything you can tell me about the car other than your original for sale ad?

    Thank you for your time and help,
    Pat Sands
  4. 802gt500
    802gt500 ante
    Hi there,
    Do you still have the 170mm whipple tb?
  5. Tama_Drumhead
    Tama_Drumhead Billybob1
    I'll take the tail lights. Let me know your preferred method of payment.
  6. 03 DSG Snake
    03 DSG Snake blackshelby
    Jim, are you still around the Forum?
  7. RRRR03Cobra
    RRRR03Cobra torchvert03
    Hey bro, what is the bottom dollar for the hood vent shipped to SC? Thanks
  8. RRMBrembo
  9. Bigbambino
    Bigbambino SGT MERC
    Text is usually easier for me my number is 7027279514 thanks
  10. Bigbambino
    Bigbambino SGT MERC
    Hi I'm interested in the main stud kit u have but I noticed it doesn't have a spacer what is the spacer uses for and where can I get it?
  11. rebelproud
    1998 Mustang GT; 2010 F-150 XTR 5.4L 4X4
  12. mikecobra01
    mikecobra01 AMWill
    Hey just wondering if you could PM me the discount code? Thanks!
  13. SvtAlex
    Need help with low boost 50% of the time in my 03 cobra
  14. Dalton_ray
    Dalton_ray CoreyHM1
    Hey man can you either call/text me at (620)-480-0611 or email me at [email protected] I'm interested in a special order
  15. cystang
    cystang Ortoch
    Writing for a friend could you text him he's interested in your silver car. 740-701-7963.

  16. bull_dog190
  17. bull_dog190
    Working more...Sleeping less
  18. Jiffy
    Jiffy 04sleeper
    2 of 2
    If you wanted the challenge or feel you could help, could you please send me an email at [email protected] - if you're interested in talking, I'm happy to call you and wear the cost - I have WhatsApp so that might work too.

    Anyway, my car has been at the tuner for 7 weeks and they're struggling with it so I would like to help them AND get it back in one piece...

    Thanks either way - Jeff.
  19. Jiffy
    Jiffy 04sleeper
  20. 1mean57
    1mean57 Eatonualive281
    hey bud was wondering if u knew where to find one of those T adapters u sold?
    1. Eatonualive281
      No idea to be honest
      Mar 25, 2017 at 6:52 PM