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  1. That_Venom
    Need an 03-04 Cobra!!!
  2. blinelaxd27
    blinelaxd27 Bullshitisay
    hey are the bullets 17x8 or 17x9? and what are the sizes of the wheels on them and brand and how much treadlife left?
  3. T3XASB3AST903
    Looking for a cobra or cobra motor in Texas
  4. b_dike
    b_dike AMWill
    Ready for some new drag radials, in need of your discount code... Thanks man
  5. JustINcase
    JustINcase imeyers302
    Hey did you replace your Oil Pump Gears?
  6. Donny Conway
    Donny Conway Benson81
    Hey there email me info pics and videos of cobra! [email protected]
  7. michael kent
  8. anthonylightning
    2004 Mach 1 mustang for sale 732 639 2303 call text for pics and info
  9. Gmarquez
    Gmarquez Badboy81
    Txt me regarding crank pulley 7146187979
  10. streetpilot
    streetpilot 101dsgmach
    Interested in the '01 IRS, front brakes and steering rack. Do you still have them?
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    2. 101dsgmach
      The front brakes and steering rack have sold, I do still have the IRS rear. If you could text me @ 336-648-02eight9.
      Jun 22, 2017 at 8:30 AM
  11. Mystic03
    Mystic03 1Fast-Turbo-Cou
    Could you msg me on Facebook I have a few questions about the fitting to pump

    Robert humbert
  12. BucStang
    It's been a while...
  13. broncobilly
    broncobilly 93Cobra#2771
    Hello, I was looking for some replica SVT paperwork for some of my 93 Cobras. Amy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill
    Text: 407-860-8840
  14. TGR96
    TGR96 chrisroy
    If you are still looking for H&R Super sports, I have a set that I am about to take off my car. If you want the entire spring/damper package, I have Tokico D-Spec adjustable dampers, with the H&R springs, and GT500 mounts. About 30K miles on them. Driven on full soft setting 99.999% of the time. Only have two track days and a handful of autoX's on this set up. I'd do $400 shipped (to NY) for all of it.
  15. sbrooks
    sbrooks 2011 gtcs
    I am interested in the throttle body. Will this work on a 07 Shelby GT500?
    1. 2011 gtcs
      2011 gtcs
      yes it will, text me directly so its easier to talk, my number is 602-679-4094
      Jun 19, 2017
  16. 03cyborg
    03cyborg qurtrn10
    Hey brother, I'm about to do the EATC swap and read your post, which was awesome! However the pics didn't load. Can you send them to me? Cliff Battle (678) 640-5575 Thanks!
    1. qurtrn10
      Yeah, I should be able to do that over the weekend. It's on my external hard drive, so shoot me an email with EATC in the title and I'll reply to that with pics. My email is [email protected]
      Jun 23, 2017 at 6:49 AM
  17. posstang93
    looking for mustang knowledge
  18. Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones spankreasy
    Give me a buzz if you're interested in my 04' - 305.244.5477 Richard
  19. waiting4hope
    I'm so waiting for my hope
  20. LeadFarmer
    LeadFarmer NothingLess
    interested in a trade for a built very low mile Evo IX?