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  1. Cobracletus
    Cobracletus modFTW
    Please PM me your number. Interested in the interceptor gauge.
  2. Silver95
    Silver95 RRRCobraSC281
    Hey there do you have the wildwood brake kit you thought about maybe selling a couple years back? Thanks!
  3. TDUB003
    TDUB003 98 Saleen Cobra
    Hey man, I know this is probably a long shot but I saw your posts regarding the 98 Cobra cooling parts that you had. I'm wondering if you still have those, my 96 never had the TSB done and the cooling fan just bit the dust so I'd like to do the upgrades while I'm in there. Let me know! Thanks, Ty.
  4. SVTdreamin04
  5. Black02GT
    Saw you on Shelby RD this morning at about 6:30am, Pulled out in front of my black ram lol ....... Your car still sounds and looks great !
    1. Comp04svt
      Thanks man! Haven't seen your car in a while, how's she doing?
      Sep 14, 2017 at 12:33 PM
      Got into a little fender bender last year...... Not bad though needs a fender and some paint but other wise its fine. Its been sitting ever since...
      Sep 14, 2017 at 1:55 PM
    3. Comp04svt
      Oh no! Sorry to hear that! Hopefully you get her up and running soon! Glad it wasn't too bad, cause your car is awesome!
      Sep 14, 2017 at 2:23 PM
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  8. Omar Mendoza Gonzalez
    Omar Mendoza Gonzalez
    2003 dark gray with 11K miles in Mint condition. Pretty much stock for sale. call me 530-510-5939. car located in Mesa AZ
    TURBOSNOOP Speedracer18t
    I will take it if you still have it
  10. Evo1008
    Evo1008 NothingLess
    Hi I'm interested in the car please call or text me 845-269-0637 thanks
  11. 2003BlownSBlue
    The price on this car is currently at 30k
  12. mike dj
    mike dj Josh843
    Very interested in 03/04 Cobra bumper cover. Still available? Thanks Mike D
  13. wild97 stang
    wild97 stang
  14. Schab01
    Schab01 Stolen 98
    Hi - Just wanted to ensure you got my cell number 201-618-0948. Thanks.
    1. Stolen 98
      Stolen 98
      Message sent. I also have the kit listed on ebay.
      Sep 13, 2017 at 8:59 AM
  15. Stage 4.6
    Stage 4.6 Chris_03SVT
    Are these still available, and is the $380 asking price w/shipping?
  16. StangsfeverFOX
    StangsfeverFOX Torqahmove
    I have a set of midpipes if your interested shoot me a text. 7249537461
  17. Schab01
    Schab01 Stolen 98
  18. StangsfeverFOX
    StangsfeverFOX stangman701
    Hey man , interested in gen2 r - text me! (724)600-5937
  19. flynlow
    flynlow NothingLess
    I'm interested in the sonic blue can you email pics and vid to [email protected] thank you.
  20. TheBlackPearl197
    TheBlackPearl197 BlueBossRS
    I was looking at your Blue Boss 302 that you had 19x10s and 19x11s. I have a '12 GT and am looking to go with the same size rims. I was wanting 275s front and 305s rear, what aspect ratio would you recommend? Or what sizes similar would you recommend? Thanks