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  1. Bulletproof2006
    Ready to start modding the beast!
  2. Need 04 Wine
  3. lenny127
    lenny127 FastyJohn03
    What was the issue with your p2196/98 codes . I’m having exact problem right after installing return style fuel and the blower
  4. osofast121
    osofast121 howie8124
    Is the car still for sale
  5. Primera_Espada
    Primera_Espada SID297
    Hey SID, a guy a bought some parts from isn't getting back with me. He says he shipped the stuff but hasn't sent me a tracking number or hasn't responded to my latest messages. What do I do from here?
  6. jason9385
    jason9385 The Red Monster
    Intrested in a cop kit for a 96 2v can you send me some info
  7. 93 lx
    93 lx jrhaden
    Bringing this back from the dead, do you still have the pistons?
  8. robjs111
    robjs111 Marc
    Did u sell your white notchback?
  9. Wade_GT
    Building racecar
  10. lloydglhs
    lloydglhs MineralCobra
    Do you still have the long block for sale?
  11. Skibur
    Skibur biminiLX

    How much for the PBH adaptor that allows stock TVS to fit KB TB? How much for the actual KB TB?
  12. Luke Patola
    Luke Patola
    01 lightning for sale
  13. 01cosilver
    2001 cobra wat do you guy think about what pistons to put on it im planning to run 8 psi with procharger help plz
  14. freemanjc
    freemanjc momogt
    Van you tell me what dynomax race bullets you had installed? I cannot find the right part number? Is the piping 2.75 or .25? Thanks
  15. Teal Oh3
    Teal Oh3
    Anyone on here close to the Bluefield West Virginia area?
  16. 93 lx
    Hey bud, how much tq did your JT-b make with the 3.4 pulley on 14lbs? At what compression? thanks
  17. 01cosilver
    I need help how can I post on here
  18. BucStang
    Can't wait for spring!
  19. Sik4.6
    Sik4.6 woli4924
  20. ninty9cobra
    ninty9cobra dlc03
    Are you willing to ship wheels? Interested in the drag setup