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  1. svt-h
    svt-h Gster
    do you still have the cj kit for sale?
  2. Zach_s550
    Speed or Style? What should be first?
  3. BRiley
    BRiley Cole Ward
    Yes Cole I'm looking for a terminator Cobra
  4. Muskrat281
    Muskrat281 Venomous Mach 1
    Is your Mach still available by any chance? I've seen you post a few times about it
  5. 98WhiteSteed
    98WhiteSteed AMWill
    Can I get a discount code for AM?
  6. Kyle Trammell
    Kyle Trammell
    Currently working on a 02 V6 M112 build.
  7. Kyle Trammell
    Kyle Trammell mvr
    Could you PM me back please.
  8. hssstang
    hssstang John M
    Hello , I am a member here on svtp. I noticed you have some parts for sale. For some reason I can view them. You have a maximum Motorsports k member and a gt500 inlet for a vmp Tv's. could you text of email me some pics. Thanks Jason
    BOOGIE MAN Weather Man
    Hey, I have you seen you post a few times before and I thought I'd shoot you a message. I'm currently an undergraduate student at FSU majoring in Meteorology. Was hoping to pick your brain a little bit about that field
    1. Weather Man
      Weather Man

      I was weather for 20 years in the Air Force. Unfortunately for me, I made the choice to move my wife back to her home town when I retired back in 2000. No weather jobs even close.
      Jan 16, 2017 at 4:39 PM
    2. Weather Man
      Weather Man
      From what I remember, transportation was were most of the weather jobs were at that time. With automation, not sure where that stands today. Ironically, the reason I got out was that AF weather was being reengineered. All the base weather stations were being severely down sized and all forecasting/warning centralized at a few hubs.
      Jan 16, 2017 at 4:39 PM
  10. VancityCobra21
    VancityCobra21 AMWill
    Can I please get a discount code?
  11. awakened
    awakened wowsers
    Where did you get the outlined Cobra inserts? They look really good on your car. I have never liked the look of the solid chrome or black inserts so I never really looked into what was available and I did not know that they made them like this with a flat black outline. I have a DSG convertible that I may consider them for.
  12. mbsvt
    mbsvt CobraBro77
    Congrats looks good..
    1. CobraBro77 likes this.
    2. CobraBro77
      Thanks man, have the saleen style t1 race wing coming in and gonna get it detailed and I'll get more pics up.
      Jan 16, 2017 at 7:58 AM
  13. SHOmeSumin
    SHOmeSumin devilish64
    Are you interested in selling those two front rr04 rims you have?
  14. EvoAutoCleanse
    EvoAutoCleanse nosscort
    Did you have to use a space to get your center caps to fit on the front?
    I just bought the same wheels and the installer is telling me that they won't fit.
  15. jburcham04
    jburcham04 racebronco2
    You have a stock bore 4.6 for sale?
  16. CobraBro77
    Just picked up this mint 1996 Laser Red Cobra w/ a Vortech blower and 45,000 original miles in Jacksonville, Fl.
  17. fitforspeed
    fitforspeed Lurker
    Hey say a post from way back on a set of outer tie rod ends you posted. Still have them?
  18. Gearhead-FMC
    Gearhead-FMC svt4me38
    A little late but, I am looking for a 2012 Lower Grill. You still have? What is price with shipping to Calif, 919135?

    Thanks, Gearhead-FMC
    1. svt4me38
      SOLD it already thanks
      Jan 12, 2017 at 6:26 AM
  19. JR95Vert
    JR95Vert Shadow Grey 03
    Hey saw your post that you may sell your Posi ported eaton. Have pics, mileage and price? I might be interested but am selling off some parts.
  20. b_man03
    b_man03 ForceFedFan
    How much for that ported eaton? Looking to get one within the next few months.