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  1. eliel65
    eliel65 Tito zuniga
    Do you still have your 15% pulley??
  2. stiegelightning
    stiegelightning SirKing
    Details on cobra you have for sale?
  3. stiegelightning
  4. eliel65
    eliel65 syclone50
    Do you still have your iw 15% pulley??
  5. eliel65
    eliel65 ROBBY92COUPE
    Do you still have your id1000s??
  6. eliel65
    eliel65 svtbryan
    Do you still have the id1000??
  7. Noctor
    Noctor CrimsonStang
    Crimson, I have a 2014 coyote I'm looking into swapping a 5.8into. Maybe I could give you enough for a crate aluminator, provide my ECU/harness, engine harness, accessories, and Lund nGauge that is currently married to the vehicle's PCM. Maybe I could get your ECU/harness, accessories, etc. too. I would also consider working my stock motor-intake to oil pan- into a deal.

    Richard C.
  8. Westcoast
    Westcoast Fitzgerald0587
    I have a twin turbo for sale. What’s your email?
  9. Supreme_5oh
    Holley Manifold, PMAS, TS Headers, E85 450WHP 367WTQ
  10. Supreme_5oh
  11. HunterVNM
    HunterVNM mikesMG
    Hey man I’m interested in the car. Still available?
  12. Ea Ruiz
    Ea Ruiz CobraBob
    Hey I think you replied to my comment but the chat was closed . I was looking for true forged tanks 03-04 cobra
  13. jjstoaks
    jjstoaks Tob
    Hey Tob, I am new to the GT500 scene and read your R&D forum for the 13' retrofit CF DS and wanted to know if you still sell the build the flanges by chance?
    1. Tob
      Contact Tom at Wenstrom Design and Fabrication. He makes them whenever he gets 5 or more orders.
      Aug 13, 2018 at 8:25 AM
  14. bignasti
    bignasti [email protected]
    Hi Shaun, I have a 2013 F150 3.5L ecoboost 4x4, and you were recommended to help me with a remote tune. Vehicle is stock but I do plan to do a CAI - injen or aFe is what I’m planning, and I only run 93 through it.

    1. Shaun@AED
      Aug 12, 2018 at 7:20 PM
  15. jcsquared
    jcsquared Vi_king500
    Are your seats still for sale? I am in New Jersey and I am interested in them.
  16. Rugdr
    Rugdr nv4gt ws
    Would you mind contacting me in reference to the Redfire Cobra that you looked at a few months ago that was local to you. Thanks.
  17. Rugdr
    Rugdr Poolman
    Would you mind letting me know if you ever sold your CO Cobra. Thank you.
  18. SheepDog
    SheepDog SID297
    Sir, how long does it take once my payment has been posted for my Premium membership to be active?
  19. Scott M
    Scott M WildCobra
  20. Captain_Kris73