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50:1 CR on pump gas without detonation - Ebadulaev Engine Cycle

Discussion in 'Ask an SVT Engineer' started by u666sa, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Mar 5, 2017
    Please forward the following information to your research and development team engineers.

    Apparently this subject is 8+ years old now, and companies haven't picked up the patented work, even though working prototype engines have been constructed and shown to work. There is a new engine cycle, called Ebadulaev Engine Cycle, which allows high compression ratios (50:1 on gasoline, and 60:1 on diesel) on pump gas, without engine detonation.

    Just to give you an idea, for the first prototype a 75 hp 1.6L engine was taken, these engines are about 8L/100 km efficient (29mpg), after conversion to ebadulaev cycle horsepower increased to 180 hp, and at the same time fuel economy increased to 4L/100km, or 58mpg. All this at 21:1 CR, instead of theoretically optimal 50:1.

    Let's put these practical performance gains in terms of American engines, let's take a 5.0L coyote. 180hp from 1.6L is 112,5hp per liter, for a 5.0L engine it would mean 562,5 hp, theoretically, keep in mind that our original 1.6L four banger is highly restrictive, and it's head and intake only made 75 hp from the factory, so on practice we don't really know how many hp per liter will be with coyote engine. How about fuel efficiency? It should increase by 50%, so if it was 20 mpg originally, it should now be 40 mpg! Theoretically of course. Where have you seen tuning which increases at the same time power and fuel economy?

    This is not a scam or spam, or dream, it is what it says it is. There are working prototypes. You don't need to buy anything, all the information is free, just research and build it. I want this information to go viral and hopefully someday we'd have fuel efficient powerful cars.

    Let me try to explain how it works. In conventional 4 cycle internal combustion engine, cylinder pressure is highest at top dead center, but the power which can be transferred to the crank shaft, is achieved at it's highest peak at only 45 degrees past top dead center. This is physics, connecting rod makes a perfect pivot at 45 degrees past TDC. However, at 45 degrees past TDC pressure in combustion cylinder is more than half less that it was at the very top. This is why 4 stroke internal combustion engines are so inefficient. Ebadulaev engine cycle raises compression ratio of the engine and uses electronics to prevent detonation, in the end you get ultimate pressure at 45 degree pivot, resulting in better engine efficiency, i.e. more power and less fuel consumption.

    Video explanation of Ebadulaev Engine Cycle.

    Here is the first prototype made by Gadgi Ebadulaev himself, the man himself is driving it.

    Here is another prototype made my somebody else.

    Disassembly of the first prototype. Mechanics trying to figure out how this engine works. Man in the picture is Gadgi Ebadulaev himself.


    Official website of Gadgi Ebadulaev - http://www.iga-motor.ru/

    Ebadulaev Engine Cycle, scientific paper - http://www.iga-motor.ru/raboti/1.doc
    Realities and myths of modern internal combustion engine theory - http://www.iga-motor.ru/raboti/2.doc
    More papers here - http://www.iga-motor.ru/rabota.html

    This work has stalled at this point and hasn't gone past several prototypes made by individual motor heads. This is because there is virtually no car industry in Russia, even Lada we had to buy from Italians. Our best motors are descendants of the original Fiat, and they are virtually unchanged since the 70s. It is up to western companies to put this into production. I hope more people would find out about this new engine cycle.

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